Welcome to Gyms'n Daggers!

Lets face it- personal wellness is intimately tied to the state of your mind and therefore the state of your art. working on a computer for a living and the freelance lifestyle in general can often render us sedentary shut ins, and can lead to a wide range of physical and mental problems. Gyms' n Daggers is our attempt to fix this issue for the community- by offering a fun and competitive way to tackle these things together.

this subforum is for posting your goals and your progress as you start to work out and get in shape! heres some basic rules!

1) limit ONE thread per member! as you progress and change you can update your details on your thread as you see fit! post as you go like a sketchbook- or simply erase and update all the important info on page 1 over and over. its up to you!

2) no making fun of or putting down anyone else in the forum for their progress shots, physical fitness, or appearance. name calling, rudeness, and being mean will not be tolerated here. this is a thread about progress- so keep it positive!

3) No spamming or selling of products in here. helping others is a-ok, but please keep any transactions OFF THE FORUMS.

4) this forum has no mods. only bods. If you want to know if youre qualified to be a boderator, simply look down.

Good luck!

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