Diary of a Beef Cake
So recently I've been getting pains in my chest, I drink a lot of coke and sit around all day, which is probably the reason. I feel constantly tired and I'm sick of it. Also I've gotten a little double chin recently which has upset be beyond reason. I can't afford a gym at the moment so I've just ordered 20kg dumbells, up until now I've been using 5 - 10kg, and doing a lot of reps.

My main focus is to drink exclusively water from now on and walk my dog for an hour a day, do dips and bicep curls. (at obviously cut down on sugars and carbs, snacks in general)

[Image: bronson1.jpg]

I know I'd need a gym and do deadlifts and all that to end up looking like that, but it's out of my reach at the moment. I'll be going to a gym once I'm getting steady freelance work. I think my first step should be to not die while sitting at my desk

I know nobody cares or will read the entries but it's mainly for me, and to catalog my success and failures, with added peer pressure

9/03/13: SUCCESS - Drank only water. 1 tin of tuna for lunch, 2 tins + salad for dinner. Did some bicep curls + furniture moving. Walked my dog for an hour.

10/03/13: SUCCESS - Drank only water. Poached eggs for lunch, chicken + salad for dinner. Did bicep curls. Walked my dog for an hour. I had some pudding, but overall I think it was a success

11/03/13: AVERAGE - Didn't do as well today. Drank mostly water. Toast for breakfast, tuna for lunch, stew for dinner (lots of bread and dumplings). Did bicep curls. Walked for about 30 minutes. I'll do better tomorrow.

12/03/13: SUCCESS - Drank only water. Ham sandwich for breakfast, cereal for lunch, mince potatoes and cabbage for dinner lol. Did bicep curls. Walked my dog for an hour.

13/03/13: FAILURE - Pretty terrible today. Drank only water. Pizza for lunch, had cereal in the day, lots of rice and stuff for dinner. Didn't exercise at all really. welp

Goodluck everyone
good luck man! Gyms are expensive. im paying $59 AUD a month for my 24 hour gym. i guess the price of it is more motivation to use it more so your not wasting money.
The way I used to work around not having money for a gym was to focus on bodyweight workouts. Also, adding a backpack full of books helped doing all the pushup variations

Thanks guys, I'll update the first post everyday with progress, and if I feel like I failed or not. Also, I'll eventually show before and after pics after I think I've made some progress
Good luck brah. It's awesome what a simple change like drinking alot of water can do for mood and energy levels. I'd just be careful that you aren't eating too little. Going by your updates it seems you're eating less than 1000 calories a day (a typical males burns around 2500 a day). So you might risk withering away down the line. ;)

Also if you can find a .pdf of it anywhere online, there's a book called Solitary Fitness that Bronson himself wrote.

First, great job trying to better your life man! I know it isn't easy and its a huge shock and takes time to get used to living better.

Even though you are probably eating better then you did before. Stuff like cereal even the so called healthy cereal is nothing but processed crap. Also, try to stay away from milk ( gives you manboobs :) ).

You don't need a gym to get in shape either. You can do either full body weight fitness or even some cross fit. If you are interested in some guides let me know I can dig some up that I used to follow when I started. Last year I was around 240 and now maintaining at 190. ( when I got laid off, lets say I drink more beer now :) ) I work out 3 days a week and I try to walk every night.

But eating right is 80% to it all

My typical day food wise:

2 scoops protein shake
6 eggwhites: ( I generally will make an omelet with spinach and onions )
mid morning snack 4 oz of sweet potato or a half a grapefruit

lunch 5-6 oz of chicken with broc/spinach

mid afternoon : 4 oz of salmon with spinach

when I get home from work I will eat the other half of my sweet potato and go work out for 30 min to an hour.

protein shake and banana ( after workout )

dinner I generally with either do a steak or fish with a vegi :)

before bed cottage cheese or Greek yogurt( it processes slow in your system which will keep your body working as you sleep. When I lost 40 lbs i was doing small meal every 2- 2 1/2 hours. this will keep your metabolism going and lbs will fall off with out working out hard.

if you are losing weight try to aim to around 1500 calories. Anything less then that is extremely unhealthy.

I just recently switch to more of a paleo type diet and cutting grains beans and dairy really increased my energy levels.

I hope this helps some . Everyone is different and I know it is hard I must have tried so many times before I finally started getting it done. oh and water? yeah.. I get Mio.. Really helps to wean off your soda habits ( I used to drink a 2liter of MD everyday)

oh this diet as well. you get 2 cheat meals a week. That also helps you keep doing it. Cereal is a cheat meal. I generally order pizza every week and I would still lose weight because of my metabolism got so strong.

Edit: Keep in mind that the diet was made for my height and bmi. So it may not be perfect for you ( just my disclaimer :) )

hello, sorry i haven't updated in a longgg while, but i fucked up, and now im trying again. since last time i actually got a bench and barbell, and a kettle bell. its been going ok. here is a progress pic, workin on them bronson traps. been eating healthier and more proton lately. i eat tuna and scrambled eggs a lot

i have enough now to join a gym, and i plan on starting soon lol

ill start with today:
bench 40kg 5 x 8
deadlift 65kg (all I have) 1 x 5
kettle bell swings 5 min
went for a walk with the dog

[Image: wXgnyjf.jpg?1?4239]
Joined a gym, been 3 times this week, want to keep that consistent. Should start and commit to a routine on monday. Will update progress pics in a month or two.

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