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Awesome subforum! Everyone needs a bit of exercise to stay healthy, especially as our livestyle is pretty much sitting still staring at a screen all our waking hours haha :-D

I have been training for a while, but joined a powerlifting club here in Sweden two months ago and I will enter my first competition in about 7 weeks! I will be in the 105 kg weightclass, it's a raw competition, so no benchshirts or anything like that are allowed.

My previous best lifts were; 220 kg Squat, 165 kg Benchpress and 260 kg Deadlift for a 645 kg total, my goal is to have added 10 kg to both the squat and deadlift and 5 kg to the benchpress for the powerlift meet!

Here's a video from my most recent deadlift workout haha, was meant to be four reps, but I got a little bit carried away with increasing the weight from the previous workout!

Your lift numbers sound badass! I can't see the video embedded unfortunately, looking forward to this thread!
Ooops, hopefully it works now haha, the video was set to be unlisted :-)

Upp med skiten.
That looked so painful, I could never do that.

At 105kg you're a pretty big guy-- but even so those numbers are really impressive. It'd be nice to see your routine.

Youtube Channel (Process, Tips on how to get work, etc...)
No problem Einver! Here is my current routine:

Mon: Pause Squats, Close Grip Benchpress, Dips
Tue: Cleans, Close Grip Pull-ups, Barbell Curls
Wed: Squats, Box Squats, Benchpress, Close Grip Benchpress with feet up
Thu: Rest
Fri: Deadlifts, Barbell Rows, Chin-ups
Sat: High bar squats/Front Squats, Benchpress with feet up, Barbell Shoulderpresses
Sun: Rest

Each workout is to be a new PR on whatever number of reps I'm currently at, reps get fewer the closer to a competition I get!

Here's a video of my pause squats from today, people who obsess about lifting form may want to cover your eyes haha

200kg, daaang!

Goddddamn, that is freaking amazing! Inspiring! Also hej visste inte att du var svensk! :D

Awesome lifts man! I want someone to scream at me while I squat haha
This week's training ended on a low note for me, felt weak friday and saturday, made only minor gains if any at all. But, I had a really good workout on wednesday with a 4x207,5 kg squat and 4x150 benchpress, both defenite PR's on the respective weights :-)
I rather get a little overworked now than closer to the meet!

This week of training has been overall pretty good, I have strained my left arm doing cleans with terrible form (bending my arms before the pull, destroying by biceps in the process) which has made certain lifts suffer. But, I made great progress with my squat and did 3x212,5 kg wednesday :-)

2x155kg benchpress from wednesday, my arm hurt pretty bad, but I dunno if it really has any impact on my actual strength. Was meant to be 3 reps, but the power wasn't there. The guy spotting me is the current swedish raw deadlift recordholder Kim Gustafsson (350 kg deadlift in competition!)

3x255kg deadlift from today, was a relief that this went up easy, since the previous deadlift workout was really terrible!

This weeks training left some things to be desired, no increase in benchpress, and a disappointing squat on wednesday. Today I made up for it in deadlift though, by doing three reps on my previous 1RM 260 kg, will be happy all weekend beacuse of it :-)

2x217,5 kg squat, I look like a psycho and the second rep is slooooow haha

3x260 kg deadlift, really happy with this!

Awesome job on the 3x260kg! Keep it up :)
Very impressive!

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The training regimen is taking it's toll, I have devloped pain in my left arm and wrist and my performance is very inconsistent now. Had a good squat on wednesday with an easy 2x220 kg, but my benchpress is really poor and I was weak and slow yesterday for my deadlifts, managed a single on 265, but it should have been an easy two reps.
Sunday is resting day, so I hope I will come back stronger next week!

No worries dude, enjoy the rest day and kick some major ass next week :)
This week was generally a bit better than the last. I solved my arm pain problem by using a thumbless grip in the squat, though a side effect is that the bar tends to travel a little bit lower down my shoulders during the sets.
Easy 225 kg squat PR on the Wednesday, was going for two reps and I just barely missed the second so that's fine. Not so easy 2x265 PR in the deadlift on the Friday, was not feeling strong that day but I somehow battled it up haha. Benchpress is stuck at 160, been trying to get 2x160 for a few workouts now, I get one easy rep, but the second gets too heavy each time, very annoying.
Next week it's time for singles, time to find out what I really can do then :-)

My deadlift from Friday:

Very nice lifts sir! I wish I was in your weight class..

I do have to ask, how's your form on the deadlift? In your last video it looked solid on the first lift but a little too much bend on the second. Or is that just your massive back?

Thanks Vices!

About the deadlifting form; as long as the lower back has no significant arching it's allright, the shoulders are allowed to "hang forward" to make the lift easier, creating a rounding of the upper back! That being said, I wouldn't be lifting like this if the coach at our club didn't have us do it, I used to be very strict about having a super straight back :-)

The meet is getting close and stuff is actually coming together nicely this week as it was time for singles! No injuries either!
Did a very easy 230 kg squat on Wednesday, gonna lift more for sure! Not so easy 270 kg deadlift on Friday, and did a not too heavy lift on 165 kg in the benchpress today, eve had a go at 170 kg and just barely missed it. So that's 2 out of 3 lifts already at the goal I set for myself for the meet! And there's still one week of training and a max day left before then :-)

Here's a video of the deadlift from Friday, sorry it's mostly deadlift vids, I don't have any means of video capture myself, so it all depends on if my friend from the club is there to film or not :-)
Also note that this is a heavy lift for me, so the form starts to suffer a bit!


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