Gain Train 2014+
Early 2010 I was getting close to 200lbs/90kg. I made a choice to no longer eat whatever the hell I felt like--Many days I'd snag a dozen donuts on the way home from work and before bed. I also ate a lot of McDonalds/Wendy's/Taco Bell/Etc almost daily. Making a lifestyle change is all mental. Once you become consistent, proper nutrition and fitness becomes an addiction.

August 2012 I began utilizing Intermittent Fasting.
Most days I'm able to eat all my calories within 1-4 hours.
[Image: science-is-a-liar-sometimes-always-sunny...876209.gif]

I've gotten to where I am flying solo.
Imagine what you can do with a community of people behind you.


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I'm doing my best to help friends change their lives. — He's close to a year in. He initially lost 40lbs of body fat and has since been working on his muscle gains. — He started at 365lbs in late June/early July and as of 03 Sep, 2013, he should be wildly close to or already below 280lbs. That's 80+lbs in around 2 months. Around the time he reaches 220, we're gonna start working on his weightlifting (mostly because school will have started then and he'll have the school rec center gym for use)

Age: 30
Height: 5'9"
Weight/Body Fat%:
15MAR2010—186ish lbs @ Crazy Doughy
13SEP2010—148 lbs @ Less Doughy
15AUG2012—180 lbs @ Doughy
24NOV2012—149 lbs @ 6.2%
08MAR2013—162.8 lbs @ 6.28%
24APR2013—165 lbs @ 6.5%
28APR2013—168 lbs @ 7.02%
24MAY2013—162.2 lbs @ 6.11%
07JUL2013—159.6 lbs @ 4.97%
Measurements are taken for consistency, not accuracy

Lifting Split
Sun: Legs
Mon: Pull
Tue: Push
Wed: Legs
Thu: Pull
Fri: Push

Shred out insanely, then remove the bulk/cut mindset and spend the next many years "lean bulking"

2014: Lean Bulk all year long

[Image: 45r0HMs.jpg]
[Image: g7NUfBL.jpg]
[Image: 4XLVN29.jpg]
[Image: H1JYkTG.jpg]
[Image: 3PbQcUy.jpg]
[Image: Feg8XIP.jpg]

Very impressive man, kudos.
I did an experiment on intermitten fasting last autumn for two months after a friends suggestion.
It didn't disrupt my routine in anyway and I felt very good, it's fascinating how the human body works.
Good luck with your goal.
Nice man, looking forward to where this goes.

Dude, seriously nice work! Really inspiring stuff. I'm only just starting out, aiming to get leaner and have more defined abs. What would you recommend I do for ab work?

The only way to get abs is to eat in a caloric deficit to drop body fat.

Regarding core workouts, I'd never really done much at all for abs until last week. I've been doing some weighted crunches, leg lifts, cable ab twists, whatever really as long as you actually engage the core instead of going through the motions--ie, situps are a big waste of time, energy and can hurt your back.

I never sussed the slimming down side of exercising, and that situp thing rang very true, i tore the ligaments in my back 6 yrs ago, put me out of action for about 6 months, and attempting situps after was a big no no. But i've never been toned, trained a lot a few yrs ago, and need to get back into the routine. the nutritional stuff you've posted looks very useful, makes sense about the abs...i didn't do the calorific down size, just made sure i had a large dose of carbs and protein, so i bulked up, but didn't tone...but meh, i felt pretty damn good all the same XD my goal at the time was to be able to do a 5 lotsd of 4 minute full on sessions on the punch bag with 30 second breaks between, without feeling ruined at the end, Hoping to get back up to that soon. Need some more income for a gym membership, but i think i'll start up with the free exercise and see where it leads
Taking the next 6 or so months to size-on

Two friends and I are making it a friendly competition to see who can build the most muscle in 2 month intervals—I'm aiming for 3lbs a month

I'm currently sitting between 170-175lbs and I need to reign in my diet because I like the eats and even though it's all proper healthy foods, I keep eating like 5000 calories a day. I need to bring it back down to around 3000-3500.

Update: Still have till the end of the month, or however long I deem necessary on the, hopefully, last long-term cut (3+ months). Sitting pretty in the mid to low 160s as lean as, or leaner than I was in the NOV2012 pics when I was 149lbs. I don't really have any 'official' pics to update with yet, cuz most of my noticeable growth over the last year (IMO) was in the legs and glutes (when you can only fit it Loose Fit jeans, yet have inches upon inches in the waist... you got a squat butt :P).

Gonna do a 2-4 week trial run on lean bulking

Figured I would finally take some current progress pics

[Image: Uzl5TYp.jpg]

Working on cutting down for that sweet, sweet summer.

I am now officially working toward a bodybuilding competition that takes place on September 20th:

I'm hoping a realistic goal/reason behind my lifting will keep me on track better than I have in the past, though currently, I'm at a new record of staying lean at like... 6-8 months. I usually get lean, then chub out within a month or two afterward. #lean4life

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Small update

The September Competition was canceled. It was a smaller show and didn't have enough entries because the following week there was a much larger one in Spokane, WA.

I'm tentatively working toward one happening in May, so I'm bulking up till Mid February

Small update

Moved back to Oregon after spending a year in Montana

I'm currently in the 3rd week of a cut for 3 separate bodybuilding competitions throughout the month of May

and then theres me with my packet of crisps and ice cream soda... oh dear back to the gym it is! great progress mate, seriously inspiring.

Train, gain, or stay the same.
I never got around to posting it, but I did my first bodybuilding show back in May. I'm now half way through the bulk toward my next one in October 2016

[Image: 2GdvDwS.jpg]
[Image: SR5rPSV.jpg]

Very impressive man,

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