Foreva bulkan
I've been looking to sign upto here for a while and this new gym section finally tipped me over the edge. So hey. :)

I love weight training but I've turned into a lazy slob over the past few months and need to get back into it, so I'll use this thread to record my progress. Below is a pic of the 9 months progress I made (do I even abs?). It's all been down hill from there from too much drinking. X.x

Routine-wise I'm pretty relaxed but favour heavy compound movements.

My diet was dirty as hell and went something like:

Morning: 4 fried sausages, 4-5 whole eggs, sometimes half a tin of beans

Walk-back-from-the-gym-snack: 1 or 2 McDonalds cheeseburgers

Post-workout: 1 magarita pizza topped with a tin of tuna (or diced chicken breast), extra cheese and diced pepper.

Last meal: Take-away, usually fried chicken

2l whole milk throughout the day and an occasional protein shake.

I followed the diet pretty religiously every day so I'm surprised I didn't get a heart-attack. Thankfully I'm eating cleaner these days. Anyway, I miss the lifting routine so I'm looking forward to getting back into it again!

[Image: pNeFifs.jpg]
Woah Burleigh! Nice guns - Welcome and goodluck man :)
Damn dude, that is one of the filthiest bulks I've ever heard of haha, thought you would have put on more of a gut! Look forward to seeing your progress!
Not a bad diet for strength tbh, assuming the calories are put to good use haha :-D


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