Awkward gym brush
Hey beautiful daggers,
I've been thinking a lot whether i should post or not.. In all honesty the only gyms i ever saw had punching bags and not much else..
I wanted to share this here for people to see the other route in a way. I try to stay as fit as possible but i can probably only clean lift a cat.
My "stats" lol:
26 yrs old
1.94m tall [6'36']
70kg [154 pounds]

So yeah, really tall and really skinny. It runs in the family, i have a very fast metabolism and i burn very fast. With the men in my family it usually slows down after 30 and we slowly start gaining.
Some of the things i do as you can see here:
Bouldering, martial arts [not anymore], parkour / freerun, cycling, downhill, swimming, skiing, hip hop dancing, getting angry, laughing, etc.
Whenever i do work out it's usually crossfit stuff using my own weight / heavy gloves / small dumbells, or i do really slow hindu pushups and some exercises i picked up from a Spetsnaz friend. There's so many ways to punish your body with no weights haha.

Objectives - full planche push-ups and breathing regulation to help me endure more distance running. My bike riding breathing is ok by now and i can go a long way but whenever i run on my own i feel like my lungs implode.

Love you all and keep being healthy!

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