Kicking my fatigue in the butt!
Warning: this thread might contain pictures of an overweight woman :P

I love to work, I love to paint, I love to design, I LOVE being active.

But fatigue is wraping me up.

Currently I am sleeping 10-11 hours a day and during the day I feel tired and exhausted. Driving a car in the middle of the day more than 30 Minutes has become dangerous to life because of me getting easily terribly tired.

This has to stop. This is draging me down and distracting me from my ideal way of life.

I made an doctor's appointment. It will be at 8th of April. This will bring some light in my situation. I am very content with my life as a freelancer, I am definatly NOT unhappy with my situation.

A lack of sportif activity might be a reason. So... here I am.. at the Dagger's Gym!

Current status:

Activity level:
low, no sports, 20-30 minutes of walking with my pug, 10 minutes active playing with him
Eating habits:
eating whatever I want and whenever I want
Body weight:
110 kg (243 lbs) in 2011, 115 kg (254 lbs) in 2012, now: 116,4 kg (257 lbs)
Average sleep pattern:
10-11 hours. I fall asleep during the first 30-40 minutes. I wake up after 6-7 hours, but instead of getting up I stay in bed because of feeling terribly tired.

Measurable Goals:
Body weight: 100 kg (220 lbs)
Sleep pattern: 6-7 hours a day

How to achive that goal:

Eating 500 kcal less then my current daily requirement: 2600 kcal instead of 3100 kcal. I keep track of my calories by weighing everything I eat. is a german webpage were you can find every kind od food. It calculates everything for you if you tip in the weight of your food. I hope to net get hungry. Since I start today I have no experienced data.

Following the basic program of Mark Lauren's "You are your own gym" (body weight exercises) and walking for 60 minutes a day with my dog. I will keep you up-to-date with specifying the exact exercises in this thread - after doing them.

Today I promise to myself to keep care of my body, to feed and train my body right, everyday. From now on untill my life ends.

03-11-2013: Calories: check! 60 min walk: check! body weight exercises: check!
03-12-2013: Calories: check! 40 min snow walk: check! body weight exercises: check!

Dear Melanie,

I'm glad you finally made this decision. I will be with you on that path, motivating, following and having fun together. This is going to be it. Tschakka :)

Hi! I suffer from fatigue too. It affects my workouts and my motivation to do art. What you describe sounds just like what I went through. I ended up being diagnosed with P.O.T.S. Basically, prolonged standing and sitting up straight exhausts me and my heart races, it is only rectified when I lie down. Anyway, my consultant recommended to increase my intake of fluids and salt. You could bring this up with your doc if it sounds familiar. Good luck with your appointment! Keep us informed.
Oh.. I did not know that such a disease exists. I do have a high pulse during non active states, 90 is usual for me and my father and brother do have the same high pulse as I have. But I luckily don't suffer from palpitation and I am not an anxious type. Anyway, I should maybe mention my high pulse level in non-active states at that apointement. Thank you!

Since when do you have the diagnosis and how did you become aware?

I became aware because I have an unrelated heart condition, so I brought up my tiredness to my heart consultant who told me of P.O.T.S. It's diagnosed by performing a tilt table test and/or blood tests. And you're welcome! Good luck! Blushing
Hey Melanie! I was diagnosed with Chronic fatigue syndrome 6 years ago. I'm feeling tired 24/7 so I know what you mean. Any daily activities requires me to lie down in bed for 10-15 hours, and when I do give in my body urges me to go to my bed in the afternoon as well. Some people have this for only 6 months to 2 years, but if you have had those feelings for a long time you can carry CFS with you for the rest of your life. The trick is to keep you excited for things that you like, so you don't feel exhausted all day. Good luck with your goals! :)
My first day is a success. Until now I ate 2502 kcal, so I have 100 more kcal that I can invest in food - the next day. Yay! I had a nice walk with my GF, a friend and Emil, our pug. Since we live in the mountains, it was a small 60min hike.

My body weight exercises of today contained:

- 7.5 min of push ups on the wall (ladders)
- 7.5 min of let me ins (ladders)
- 7.5 min of crab walk (ladders)
- 7.5 min of let me ups (ladders)

I drank a protein shake right after the exercises.


Thank you! I'll let you guys know if my doctor finds a physical condition that could explain my fatigue. It might also be due snoring/not enough oxygen during the night. I should also make an appointment for that.

CFS is a severe disease - I hope you'll get better. Also if there might be only a small chance because you have it already for 6 years. Is there any medication that you did not explore yet? I wish you good luck! Are you doing lots of sports and exercieses?

Hi Melanie,

While I don't think I suffer from fatigue, not wanting to get out of bed once your alarm has gone off sounds very familiar. Whats worse is with this lifestyle, it's possible to get away with it since its not like you NEED to be at your desk by a certain time or you'll lose your job.

In terms of trying to shake the fatigue off, I might recommend going for your 60min walk first thing after you wake up. This can act as a mental 'commute' to work in your head too and is a great separation between being in bed and being at your desk in focus mode. Just a thought, might be worth a try!
As far as I now there is no medication for it. I think I will have to carry it for the rest of my life :(! I do work out every day. A few months ago I went to the gym twice a week and had zumba on saturdays, but that really got expensive so now i'm practising zumba every day for one hour at home and go to the fitness center on the weekends to practise there. It really helps you to feel better, and draw better as well but the first steps of getting there are always the worst ;)
hey melanie!
wow, i'm quite impressed how/what you want to achieve. and i guess with the willpower an artist must have, you'll be there with your fatigue or some sporty activities soon. so Great!

i just read two things i would try to change - in no means it's my intention to change something from your routine that you did extra for yourself and that seems the best for you, but well. just some things that attracted my attention.
with the fatique thing: i don't know if your GF has a day job, or has some fixed hours to get up? - you might just try to adjust to that and always get up the same time (it's even more comfortable to have some company while drinking morning coffee ^.^) - that's what helped me really much, i already get up even earlier than my bf now lol >: jumping around in bed and waiting for him to get up aaaah.
and REGULARITY - i think that is the most important and one ofthe most helpful things - doesn't matter in which case. be it drawing/practicing or doing sports, or getting up. - set your time, 7 o'clock and you're up, then walking with the dog, being ready for work at half past 8 or so. - just alter for your liking.
(and of course, if your GF does the same routine, like walking with your dog or doing those exercises it's even more motivating and fun)

and another thing - i wouldn't recommend or wouldn't even take those protein shakes. it isn't really necessary (esp for girls) to take those - maybe if you really really lift heavy weights like those in the olympia hihi. And it's even proven that with normal fitness routines you have enough protein intake to comply with your needs. Eat some fruit instead to get your energy again (::

i just want to mention again, i'm not a professional in that field, and i'm just trying to give some tips of the stuff i've learnt/read the past years ^^ so just alter them or use them to your own needs.
i really think you can get where you want to be!

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@Sam: That is exactly the problem: there is nobody that will be angry when you're late. Actually I am very glad that there is no one pointing at me because I am late. Years of school felt like hell because I was always late every day. X) The 60 min walks I started yesterday are in the morning hours - I hope that there will be an effect soon. Today I did not feel tired untill 8 pm, which is great. Do you fear being bored while walking in the morning? I do.

@Angelique: when did you start feeling more energized after you started your physical exercises? Right now I feel already a change. I feel very good after the body weight exercises. Was there any other melioration some weeks or months after starting to be an active human being?

@Nianto: Thank you very much for your encouragement :) Actually my GF is a freelance writer, so there is no "need" for fixed hours. Luckily her mood is better when she has those fixe hours. To be honest: MY mood is the best when I have no fix sleep pattern. But since it is easier to follow the physical exercises with her, I adapt right now to her sleep pattern. Which is quite hard for someone who likes to stay up all night ;)

Concerning the protein shakes: there is no harm in yeast or milk proteins. I tend to NOT build much muscles. I was always very thin untill the age of 18. I looked like a weak person when I was actually training like a pro-athlet (I loved doing Taekwondo and I was kind of succesful untill I stopped going at the Dojang). My body tends to NOT put on muscles. Whatever the reason is. And I want muscles, I want to be strong. Weight lifting would seriously harm my bad knee - this is one of the reasons I do body weight exercises. I can do those exercises at home and they cost nothing. It is perfect. I think with my background in Biochemistry and my experience in Taekwondo and healthy gymnastics in my youth, I can estimate that protein shakes (with no hormones, that is sure) will enhance my efforts if I am lucky and will not do any harm. I hope you don't feel like being in an argument with me.. haha... I just wanna explain my thoughts behind my decision. It might help other girls or guys that are thinking about pro's and con's of protein drinks. Btw: with my weight I need at least 100-120 g (!) of protein each day and I prefer one protein drink after my body weight exercises instead of stuffing me with chicken meat or something else. This is a different situation from the one of a slim person. And also from girls who might fear looking muscular X) If you have some more cons concerning protein drinks (those that have no hormones or any other shit in it), please let me know.

Some thoughts from someone who was battling enormous fatigue last year:

From my endo and my gyno, women tend to have very complex disorders sometimes (hormonally linked) I would recommend looking up things like metabolic syndrome, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and insulin resistance/prediabetes. Fatigue is often linked to these and also to thyroid issues. The frustrating thing is it's often very hard to pin down the root cause or diagnose accurately. (My blood tests and ultrasound racked up to 3000 usd in bills) I can link you some resources or discuss this further when time allows, if you'd like.

Good luck!

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if fatigue is all your fighting than i definitely think a healthier diet would help with that and losing weight as well. eating healthy however can be tough, personally its my weakness :b keep that doctors appointment regardless, always the chance that its something physical but lets hope otherwise. anyways best of luck!

Have you had any tests for Sleep Apnea? I had it much worse when I was heavier and had to get a CPAP machine to sleep better.


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