In need of change...
Hey guys.

It took me a lot of thinking before I even got enough courage to post in this forum.. The reason being is that I've always been extremely insecure about my appearance and I've been overweight as long as I can remember. It has come to the point where I barely have any energy and I've started to get pains in my back, legs and now my arms. This is basically from bad sleeping hours, irregular eating, barely any exercise for the longest time and drawing all day.

Last time I weighed myself I was at 110kg, that's 242.5 lbs (I think I've lost a bit since then). I'm 188cm tall, that's little over 6ft.

I decided to post today because I started today by taking the first step and walked for 60 minutes in the morning to have more energy.

I'm very much in need of a job right now, I've been trying my best to get freelance to be able to support myself but it seems like that's not going to happen any time soon. So I don't have any money at all. So no gym membership. Which means that I'm currently looking for other ways to get good exercise, any suggestions would be great (that's suitable for my condition).

I would put up images of myself but I'm far too insecure to do so at the moment.

I don't really care if I get all beefed up or not, I've just always wanted to get rid of all this body fat and feel good about myself. Also, I'd love to have more energy.. that's why I'm doing this.

Hey Conny! Good for you that you want to get healthier :-) Unless you are already doing this, I would recommend you set up a schedule, decide a time when you go to bed, set an alarm when for when to get up, decide when you have your meals and try to stick to those hours. After a while you will adapt to the rhythm and it becomes natural, your body will know when it's time to sleep, when to eat etc, and it will help you keep your energy up and plan your days!
I would also try to eat roughly the same stuff throughout the weeks, like every breakfast is roughly the same, the first snack is roughly the same, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. I'm sure there are others who have a lot more experience than me with diets and such, but this works very well for me!

Awesome! I've been the same, always been rather chubby for as long as i remember, and always dreamt of being skinny, and it's been so bad for my confidence! When i was 18 i moved to London and lived there for 2 years, ate a LOT of take away at the wrong times (8-9-10pm), etc. So i ended up gaining a lot of weight, i got to the point where i started looking fat, rather than chubby, and that was the most depressing thing ever! I moved back to the Netherlands about 4 months ago and decided to turn my life around, and with that, get back into shape. I have lost about 14 kilo's ever since, and it's made such a huge difference! I also go to the gym about 5 times a week now, and believe me, you just have to make the decision and go for it full on. You have to get this mindset where even though you get demotivated, it won't affect you, you will still continue. You might work out, you might diet and do everything perfectly, but not lose any weight, maybe even gain some... and it will suck, but you just have to keep this image in your head of how amazing you will look and feel when you achieve your goal. Every day you do something towards your goal, you will feel amazing, you'll feel great (so great that you end up writing walls of text like these, just to make other people realize how important your health is) ;).
I hope that this motivates you at least a little bit, i can't say much about HOW to lose your weight because i don't know that much about it, i just try whatever i hear about and see if it works for me. Feel free to contact me to talk about it though! These days i'm a constant source of positivity haha :)

Hope it works out!

PS: I do suggest you make progress pictures, they are a great source of motivation for me! Once you have progressed you'll love to put the pictures together and compare, it's lovely :)

Thanks a lot, both of you! That's very encouraging. I've started calculating my calorie intake, going to keep doing that and be super strict about what I eat. I also plan on doing yoga exercises because I'm the most stale person you'd ever know. I heard it's good exercise too and it looks fun so.. might be something for me. I used to do karate when I was younger and I loved it since it made me very flexible (I was just about able to do vertical kicks). I want to get back to that.

I will try and force myself to wake up around 8 tomorrow (these days I get up at really late hours and I'm sleeping around 4am). I will also come up with a exercise plan today that I can do without going to the gym.. until I'm able to.


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