Body over mind
Hey folks, im very ignorant when it comes to working out and noticed last year i was lacking a lot of energy and getting a little *too* comfortable with being little action and activity in life. I have read a bit of the ss entry (briefly) but decided due to terrible economic management of wages that rather than sign up to a gym id workout from home. I followed a couple of weekly set reps from magazines,worked with weights and did squats and dumbell exercises and then moved on to the insanity program by shaun t for a couple of weeks.

I have to date never kept these exercises up over an extended period of time mainly because I felt like at the age of 26, i have a lot of work to catch up with on my art to reach my goals and i thought exercising wiould be a timesink. Having read some of the threads here and the kind of reports back of the benfits of this work (as well as the level of artists partaking in such activity) i can see that this was a dull outlook and i should workout too. So my (simple) but dedicated goals for '13-

a. sign up for a gym ASAP
b. gain more definition in shoulders/back.
C. Attempt to gain more energy day-to day
D. work on motivation
E. Tweak diet for better health/energy regulation


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