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You mean a manageable process? or are you talking about style and managing the shapes and design within a composition.
If you mean the process it's actually crazy fast, I was really surprised :/

Sorry deleted the orignal post to add something
That fur look great but i wonder how you could translate it into something manageable.(Glad if fast so never mind)

Also a study suggestion would be to use the head sheet i gave you in earlier post take one of the plane head trace over to indicate where plane meet and change the lighting as you wish to practice understanding with a more constructive approach not simply copying but transferring the knowledge into memory.

Once done the tracing you can lower the opacity of the plane indicating layer.If you want to blend between plane.
Make sure to spare the layer of the tracing from the original layer so you can delete it if needed.

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My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
Aight, thanks man, I'm gonna do hair and fur for a little bit and then I'll do that

emote comission I just did

[Image: LeFKTCW.png]

[Image: 0uGD0IC.png]

with some top fill light

[Image: wchVh7V.png]


70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Rescale the thing again it seem to be an issue you have you have a good sense of observation but your scale are off.Don't work to far from the reference to retain scale at first and later on you can start to practice accuracy of scale by putting a bigger gap betwen the two image.

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My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
? It's a surface rendering study not a design or masterstudy though. I don't think I have a problem with scale when I do portraits or comp studies tbh

[Image: qX1asGE.png]

[Image: Lngwusl.png]

I haven't done modelling in blender in a while and I remember that mindset being really useful for thinking in 3d, I'm gonna do those wireframe studies again but this time as if I were designing a low poly version on blender, let's see how it goes.

[Image: MTfA9ax.png]

I really missed designing planes like this, it was always a really rewarding challenge.

[Image: xBpOrm9.png]

[Image: Bl5OYio.png]

[Image: VHsEEZr.png]

[Image: 1iysd54.png]

Here's the wireframes on their own.

[Image: fycGM5F.png]

[Image: kj7qnfG.png]

[Image: Bewhmco.png]

cool note, I'd have to check my biology books to make sure but for now:

The coccix and "tail muscles" serve as support for the reproducive and urinary structures since we walk upright. The shape of the pelvis has a bunch to do with support of internal organs.

this is going in an interesting direction, bro. asaro heads always seem nice to study, and i've never tried wireframing per se, but it does look like it'd pay dividends.

i really love that your branching out and trying new things.

be careful dude you might turn into a robot melon

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
robotize dese melons bro

Get off my yard rascals, this isn't recess

Twitch sub badges

[Image: HOX1h12.png][Image: F97NtAw.png][Image: 46xEgBj.png][Image: CGDi4Gf.png]

MonkaS pepe

[Image: YK34yA3.png]

Speedpainting, gonna be doing more of those to incorporate stuff I've learned lately into my working process.

[Image: cyqAwtN.png]

without the blur

[Image: jlikcFo.png]

and, version with the light that (believe it or not) isn't an afterthought and I actually planned it from the beginning lmao

[Image: 76NVMP7.png]

[Image: fiyUWF4.png]

I'm making a board of what essetially are "Artists I need to pull up when I get stuck trying to make my lineart fit my rendering", will keep updating it.

[Image: 4hlAs9p.jpg]

Gonna keep doing more of these studies where I draw a random form and light it.

Having the lightsource on the page solves 50% of figuring ot the basic rendering of an image, since the only think your brain actually has to figure out is the depth.

[Image: DmlTJbA.png]

no bounce or fill light here, will start adding it to future studies

[Image: ww6gtZT.png]

I wonder if doing an animation of the sourcelight moving would be good practice, someone remind me to try that.

Did this without checking the changes, just doing it one by one on the timeline, so yeah, the mistakes you are noticing, I'm just noticing them now; I think this could be very good practice for quickly familiarizing yourself with the 3dmensionality of an environment you are going to spend a long time working on, but I'm not too sure if it makes you better at lighting fundamentally. Maybe it raises your bar for accuracy, gonna keep doing these., migth mix them with the wireframe ones.

[Image: giphy.gif]

These are all really quick, tomorrow I'll force myself to do a long rendering study

[Image: image.png]


[Image: AYFb5JG.png]

Doing a sideview diagram on paper or in my head does help quite a bit, should start doing that more often.

I'll do bounce and fill lights on the next one

[Image: 1umT7S7.png]

[Image: WTChuMA.png]

Drawing around the forms with a brush makes it easier to guess a lot of things, it's not only a useful trick to show the surface of the form once the drawing is done, but it actually helps your brain feel the planes better

[Image: ZOcW15Z.png]

[Image: qJYvRjG.png]

[Image: toXza6S.png]

Lightening up the base value so I can add some ambient occlusion, no direct light here yet

[Image: LaLhffL.png]

direct lights here

[Image: X1Ou7SQ.png]

Added extra noise with the sharpen tool just to see how it'd work, also changed levels

[Image: n4j90YF.png]

[Image: jq9zpG2.png]

[Image: 8GwFyeY.png]

[Image: NieSqui.png]

[Image: 3FRjHSA.png]

version with the highlight in the pinch

[Image: vcx2mkV.png]

[Image: RWsuHUJ.png]

[Image: f0RHkTr.png]

[Image: FtHFe9C.png]

Gonna be trying it with some more random forms now

[Image: Z4H3RLQ.png]

[Image: K0qfqZR.png]

[Image: aPMo1Ck.png]

This is tricky

[Image: 9JwJuUd.png]

Ambient occlusion with a bit of direction

[Image: OeQZTVw.png]

bit mooore

[Image: qG8oGTP.png]

I'd like to see how far I can get with just ambient

[Image: 1XIoYNz.png]

[Image: lf7jzIB.png]

Same but with heavier occlusion, it's a bit too textured even though it's shadows so that's why it doesn't work but eh, it does still make the forms pop

[Image: 2AG9QHF.png]

ooook let's start applying some of this to characters

[Image: mUAyVTK.png]

[Image: DU543EI.png]

not a real design, colors were random, just trying to see what I can do and how fast

[Image: 6gQcSfi.png]

[Image: SGdsU6Q.png]

[Image: pTtj6f1.png]

[Image: ly39Wfg.png]

tomasz komorowski and waclaw nowak are really cool at shape design 

Just be mindful that the blur really can be over done and give that cinematic look that you might not want.Those form study look great interesting idea to look at how to introduce animation workflow to understand more about the form and light relationship.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
vewy intewesting <3

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
Thanks guys, more ambient practice; will probably go back to 3d as I study textures more.

[Image: kLCdnp9.png]

[Image: 1NmQpgh.png]

[Image: 5Qyu2VN.png]

[Image: Jmeaovi.png]

[Image: 1ApLAG7.png]

low-res skin, focused on adding the veiny cools to the mid tones

[Image: LC0OqTc.png]

version with a bit more detail

[Image: Us3xVgN.png]

with fresnel

[Image: CqaeQHv.png]


[Image: Ca3iReG.png]

there's another sphere I did but photoshop crashed smh

oh, and poggers cornflakes

[Image: 3vnihbe.png]

Some reference for me for later

[Image: dontnodgraphicchartforunrealengine4.png]

sweet channel

Nice lighting studies also liking your ambient light process always liked that 3d look.... Bit of a fan of Nurzhan Bekkaliyev style and did buy his gumroad a couple years ago but couldn't pull it off..... But might have to give it another shot
Thanksss I gotta combine it with some proper brushstroke work later on for my illustrations, but it's already so fast I might keep it for concept art.

More emotes

[Image: unknown.png]

more texture practice

[Image: j5wGXEI.png]

fresnel and some silhoeutte roughness

[Image: Nv76EAK.png]

for me for later

It's fun to grab random stuff from the house and just puting it on my desk, also I wanna get the into the spiderverse artbook, mielgo killed it

[Image: AD9VPBs.jpg]

[Image: ToB30tW.png]

[Image: 92kvnDS.png]

[Image: TiHRiAD.png]

Gonna start practicing reflection, absorbtion and transmission at different levels, might do it with real materials as well.

[Image: BoNkeqG.png]

[Image: JI7VvZe.png]

[Image: Nv76EAK.png]what is that?

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
A banana skin where for some reason I decided to light the dark spots like craters

this'd be more accurate

[Image: W71LRjA.png]


[Image: SrfaB0m.png]

[Image: PwVBxGT.png]

[Image: CxzZlff.png]

[Image: X8lZG3h.png]

Gotta remember to visualize the terminators in my head, especially with rim lights

[Image: IKNtLUF.png]

[Image: BXI62oV.png]

Not very good but y'know, just trying to get the hang of basic forms

[Image: LZB0gJk.png]

[Image: XrpCSH9.png]

[Image: xbwqXya.png]

[Image: yTRB2y5.png]

I also wanna practice being able to put down lighting information with bigger, harsher strokes, not something that necessarily works for other people, just for myself, as a shorthand.

[Image: 6rnaiqY.png]

[Image: HZHfBei.png]

[Image: K8Tk5Pt.png]

[Image: HEqOff4.png]

[Image: shTolH9.png]

[Image: LzChEHU.png]

[Image: AlPym14.png]

[Image: ehGEgus.png]

[Image: bWC9UHb.png]

[Image: F64gPos.png]

[Image: noE6I9Y.png]

[Image: TWzqgXL.png]

[Image: tqPMQih.png]

[Image: KeqxHqb.png]

[Image: ks7SxRV.png]

[Image: wgmfugr.png]

[Image: RLPUaMz.png]

[Image: Yd2oCb5.png]

[Image: 0iPCw1b.png]

[Image: EQJJRPa.png]

[Image: LZq1zzF.png]

[Image: npq5Pkr.png]

[Image: 2HSBCRK.png]

[Image: 0H6dV8u.png]

[Image: DcQySi2.png]

[Image: mbIONr9.png]

[Image: 3aMDRBs.png]

[Image: Ie3LSgQ.png]

[Image: hyFKSt9.png]

[Image: fsYom6y.png]

[Image: xgHTqEY.png]

[Image: PWD4KSc.png]

[Image: F9yVB5P.png]

[Image: u8VtXqJ.png]

[Image: LduRniP.png]

[Image: f6tvkDi.png]

[Image: t3J6ygz.png]

[Image: Xs4cFyS.png]

[Image: ZyIQBhk.png]

[Image: SZAMHxP.png]


[Image: bJzTPfV.png]

[Image: TnHazh5.png]

[Image: EXsTOAQ.png]

[Image: 1Tj6FAa.png]

[Image: l0qV8YV.png]

[Image: KIuN1QE.png]

[Image: EcSy1Y1.png]

[Image: h5LtelE.png]

[Image: UNGxxMK.png]

[Image: AU9PZCx.png]

[Image: i5ZVm5C.png]

[Image: I5hWwa9.png]

[Image: P0sHi87.png]

[Image: rcmR9R1.png]

[Image: rOt78gf.png]

[Image: m6W7mnF.png]

[Image: 7cLJ3Sm.png]

[Image: begb8Zq.png]

[Image: MrKxPDb.png]

[Image: ojpVvQa.png]

[Image: HFixBqH.png]

[Image: cZFXVHG.png]

[Image: Fl0gnyM.png]

Got a lot better at perceiving light sources and their positions today, will spend most of tomorrow doing full shot film studies


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