Gliger's Sketchbook
too many images to upload, idk when I will lmao

some notes on the neck of the femur, this affects how much you can lift your leg laterally

[Image: 270px-FemurAngles.jpg]

I really like this way of simplifying the side of the hips, not mine, it's by james harren

[Image: STNHDst.jpg]

cool folds and shadows on that hip that I wouldn't have thought of

[Image: wjlsYRN.jpg]

quick note on anatomy studies, keep a 3d anatomy program next to your reference image, and move it around until you get an angle that is close enough, so it's easier to inspect the forms.

[Image: lx9l0Oy.png]

notes on the sartorius, I struggle a bit figuring out its shape in different conditions, it's more noticeable when you open your leg outwards and try to lift your lower leg against a force

bezier curve tool for blender

Image of casey frey, I wonder if that bump under the sternum is the xiphoid process

[Image: 6Q4eJ3q.png]

sweet album

Imgur is taking too long to upload so let me try the daggers attachment option for the first time.

Mostly stuff from imagination while looking at 3d reference models, trying to invent designs I can manage in perspective

20 minute design challenge I did with some friends

[Image: Zjfjqjp.png]

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Love seeing anatomy studies with cross sections in them. I wonder if you've seen this :
didn't know about thoseeeee, they are great thank youç

From a 10 minute drawing challenge with friends

[Image: tZWR1Pg.png]

[Image: GpxexaZ.png]

Also I realised today that the lower leg doesn't pronate and supinate, only the foot and femur do, sooo I have drawn some broken legs lmfao

Another 15 minute drawing challenge with friends

[Image: mmPT3Ir.png]

and another one

[Image: yUb50ki.png]

doodling with light shapes, the gradients underneath are as important as the more graphic brushstrokes on top, leyendecker was great at this

[Image: o6ju7YH.png]

[Image: a94SHZo.png]

slowly shaping stuff out, awfully sharp midbrows

[Image: gGrd39z.png]

I might have to stop drawing in such small resolutions as I learn to render forms, I'll bring it back and make it simpler later, but I feel like doing edges at low res is making it unnecessarily hard

[Image: xCUK49b.png]

enjoy this btw, didn't know some birds could fucking do this

Another discord 10 minute challenge thing, theme was plant

[Image: unknown.png]

Night, just practicing, figuring out how to light things, how to structure things all that, all from imagination, just rewiring my brain.

Also, this playlist is the shit

[Image: lG4dnbb.jpg]

[Image: XCnFYDf.jpg]

[Image: iWtF0tT.jpg]

[Image: dNRdbbt.jpg]

[Image: tPULgtE.jpg]

[Image: K8pdhJZ.jpg]

[Image: xUOniuk.jpg]

[Image: 6Ese7Zo.jpg]

[Image: NxAUygW.jpg]

Might update with some sketches later, just wanted to leave this here, I'm studying torsoes right now, good breakdown of how the abs bend

[Image: yFTwbDA.png]

This artist Nagabe is pretty cool


Images have many compositional elements, silhouette, shape, line, texture, rhythm... you need a little bit of each to communicate things, but when it comes to the larger image, think of it like a meal, you don't want every flavour dominating the image, you want a main one, and one for support/transitioning, and maybe an accent of another one. Same with images, focus your image on 1 of the elements of composition, then use a secondary element to ease through those transitions, and maybe a third element here and there for enclosure, echoing and accenting.

Also, I need to do some painting studies the way rob laro, or arne jansson, or one of those people do, with super well defined light shapes like this one

[Image: d7i78ac-0e05a804-c1fa-4804-bbd3-ae0827f2...svw843fMXw]

Still studying torsos and shoulders, don't feel like taking pics, too many pages; btw borderlands handome colection (2 +  pre-sequel) on steam right now for 6 bucks.


[Image: 2019-06-04.png]

[Image: 2019-06-06.png]

some notes, trying to remind myself to slowly build forms value by value, getting good shapes that communicate the modelling and also fit the composition, that'd make it easier to remember the value groupings and families of angles, since you are working your way down or up value, onto a smaller group each time

[Image: Y20CDaZ.png]

Also, quick note on values, as long as you keep the values within a small/reasonable range, you won't get "wrong values", just "wrong modelling", as long as the range isn't large enough to throw your brain off, any shading will just describe the model to you, so keeping the range narrow at first is a great way to start feeling the model. This doesn't apply to composition though, just talking about rendering.

Just modelling stuff

also, cool, this skull looks like it's being seen from both above and below
[Image: fGoCWZX.jpg]

[Image: ZE0UGp6.jpg]

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This is getting easier and easier, hoping I really get the hang of it so I move on to draw stuff that isn't weird dudes

[Image: C4f8kno.jpg]

[Image: qUMyo0z.png]

power windows

Hair and some rendering stuff, basically my process right now is to draw or visualize a 2 value sphere, block in all the shadows very lightly, then doing edge transitions, then extra values + ao + strengthening terminators where needed

[Image: 8nZ39f8.png]

[Image: Vo1T9uC.png]

[Image: kZxGmSG.png]

[Image: AAs6I4m.jpg]

[Image: AVka6ic.jpg]

[Image: ByeQ7zm.jpg]

this guy is insane

Playing around, son many fucking planes to keep track of

[Image: HIqHfkr.png]

[Image: 8ZcTNgK.png]

more creepy garbage, gotta make the highlights harder

[Image: HzuiOtu.png]

more like this idk

[Image: OqF7GYk.png]

I was wondering about the effectiveness of having a levels/contrast layer on top for seeing the softer strokes and transition, I know the objective is to just improve your ability to see values and all that, but it's a decent enough way to check

[Image: Q2RDQIg.png]

[Image: euWonlA.png]

I need to start doing my traditional light practice like the guys at creaturebox do, I have no idea how they get such good highlight shapes, there must be some erasing involved, or at least a suuuuper soft lay in

[Image: qCzvwMZ.png]

[Image: huLM3bC.png]

notes on erector spinnae from proko, fat softens that transition on the outside of the columns

[Image: POoXeAv.png]

[Image: fz012TU.png]

important note on the thickness of the lats

[Image: 30VK6uP.png]

[Image: 3yVE0wG.png]

So useful

fuck sargent man

[Image: vmLL0ot.png]

broken proportions,  just practicing from imagination trying to get comfortable with the volumes, still confused about the waist

[Image: IMG_20190614_040529610.jpg]

I still haven't got to arms and neck, still confused about waists, but I think I'm gonna start exploring a bit more, imitating other artist's modelling and all that, at least for a bit, just for fun

[Image: Zz2Ub2X.jpg]

Important note on the lats, always forget about the costal attachments

[Image: nqCl9ai.png]

Going to sleep now, but I need to review this video tomorrow

I never actually think of the function of the trapezius

back to the grind, trapezius and arm pits today

[Image: IMG_20190615_004225014.jpg]

[Image: AlDmL8e.jpg]

[Image: NEcdN3V.jpg]

[Image: 1ScJWDY.jpg]

[Image: Mj6CtJL.png]

from Proko, difference in rhythms between bodies with long and short muscle fibers

[Image: WkoWlxq.png]

[Image: pZPPspT.png]

[Image: VjMwW4W.png]

More broken shit, need to go back to upper legs soon, after all of this, drapery and hair again

[Image: WPG3R6D.jpg]

I think for now I'll just treat the flank portion as a big blob

[Image: QZFS46l.jpg]

lol broken ass

[Image: MvIvG5n.jpg]

[Image: lIdysiw.jpg]

[Image: mOSmMwr.png]

[Image: Xw64nqI.png]

10th rib super important for drawing the obliques, draw the box so the bottom corners hit the 10th rib

[Image: K4Zle12.png]
[Image: oIK5Pls.png]

lotta variety in pec origin points

[Image: wDAcoeM.png]

[Image: pNYd95F.png]

[Image: EvKD1lL.png]

[Image: RsoSVYj.png]

[Image: SJ1ucKq.png]

I wanna try sketching light shapes like

Cool, ass, process, gonna mimic a bit how they slowly soften transitions as they also advance the composition

Important note how how the shape of flexed pecs changes when you lift your arms forward

[Image: 9Gk3iCi.jpg]

upside down practice, gotta remember to start with 3 lines for a groundplane the way product designers do

[Image: AClcwLv.jpg]

need to do studies of how sanbonzakura handles light shape designs

Morning, practicing my mesh grid skillz, gotta make them more symmetrical

[Image: MBQ3g3y.jpg]


[Image: h8ftq6u.jpg]

good fucking cross section

[Image: AyHaq80.png]


need to practice cheeks in perspective

[Image: S38Imeq.jpg]

gottttta practice cheeeeeks

[Image: Xh7ylLt.jpg]

ok so I've done a ton (but not enough) of studies of familes of planes/angles in shadow, I should do studies for ones in specular highlight, as well as just terminators (with extra variation from ambient light)

[Image: goThiWL.png]

Some artists get really graphic shapes by pushing (for) these

[Image: lo4aJNS.png]

gonna be using blender as reference for this, just a note about how fucking important transmission is to make something feel fleshy, making base value black so highlights are easier to study

[Image: PqSG5Aj.png]

great tool for checking different artificial light source types


[Image: Zr2yUw7.png]

my setup for anybody who's curious, top right window in the viewport is the dynamic one, I just move it around when I want to understand something better. I need to keep paying attention to edges, they are important, especially for highlights in larger forms than smaller ones, smaller ones will usually be sharper in organic forms, and I'm gonna switch from spot to sun

[Image: YHY2Vey.png]

I want to be able to practice highlights traditionally without having to buy dark paper, so I tried doing it with red, but it just doesn't click in my head, I can go through the process and I can feel the lighting, but graphically my brain doesn't process it as an object being lit, maybe I'll buy a stack of cheap colored paper the one they sell for schools

[Image: M4tEmOe.png]

gotta do it in 2 stages, first the highlights

[Image: B5lFrmG.png]

then the speculars (now minding the offset)

[Image: dfNTLZ5.png]

[Image: FjT2JdU.png]

mind the offsetmind the offsetmind the offsetmind the offsetmind the offset

[Image: fKbMgFx.png]

version with slightly better edges and bloom

[Image: ocAdW7q.png]

[Image: VPhYSQy.png]

nother verison with stronger, sharper highlights in more reflective areas
K so the process right now is, find the lit part, then edges, then secondary values etc, then lamb. highlights, then speculars then bloom

[Image: xhTAwdc.png]

I think I'm now gonna try some stylization, mimicking hirohiko araki or saskia.

I've reached the point where I can comfortably paint things so they look like 2003 pc western rpg portraits, y'know, those where the lighting feels baked instead of natural

As I see it right now I have 4 problems

1: Still struture, gotta keep working hard at it
2: The graphic design of the lighting, the shapes I choose to represent the forms, I'll have, this will take some laying back and just doodling light shapes for a while until I start being able to visualize these
3: Character design, now, I'm not a good designer by any means, but I'm pretty far above this, to get my painted characters to the level of my normal linear ones will just take some getting used to until I can light things comfortably without forgetting about the graphic read of the character

And 4, the not biggest one, but the most bothersome:

Color Theory, both for rendering materials, in this case humans, as well as just compositionally. With the character design problem, I can just keep banging at it until my painting matches my drawing (and for jobs I'll just add line to the painting until I've leveled up enough), that one is very straight forward. 
My compositional color skills though..... hmmmmmmmm, I definitely am  bit better than in this doodle, it's just a fast thing I put down to see how quckly I could make something decent, but this is more than just a "getting used to painting" problem, I'll have to level up by color skills, getting better at colored bounce lights, gradients etc. I ultimately want to get more graphic and cartoony, so for this I'll just study artists that are very good at cartoony color like Nicholas Kole, but I also don't want to just ignore proper rendering knowledge, so I'll be balancing it out with that, and I might be the Peter Chan gumroad tuts and start doing geometrical and abstract still life studies.

[Image: obwSUUe.png]

[Image: 23SyXFS.png]

Also makeup, gotta study makeup, you are nuts if you think have the money to actually buy it thoughhhh

[Image: dPHN92H.png]

I know I'm just addint extra shit to make up for the bad design, I know, I also have to learn to render hair properlyyy

[Image: 0pkW87O.png]

just gotta try all the bad ideas until I can separate the good decisions from the bad ones

[Image: ckNyt7m.png]

oh I forgot about hotspots in bounce lights

[Image: L7Hiv2O.png]

I also need to start using paintings as reference for this stuff

on color breaking

gonna have so much fun doodling with color

[Image: Xmp1Nz3.png]

need harder lines, the strong bloom hurts the style

[Image: HGWZzST.png]

[Image: odHiwYT.png]

contrast the fuck out, I need to leave this here, overall it's bad, bud there's some ok stuff going on

[Image: ueiig5s.png]

[Image: cW69zci.png]

[Image: jKrLKT4.png]

[Image: gAurnSO.png]

[Image: Cvq56fb.png]

morning, back to doodling with light and color, waiting to watch that peter chan tutorial

[Image: 7HA40Yr.png]

[Image: ydXBMRE.png]

[Image: GcoCdGU.png]

[Image: hpIPmvu.png]

[Image: 7JXcmfl.png]

[Image: JxbutkI.png]

[Image: sj9uGEZ.png]

cool, is that a fat pad under the biceps

[Image: cross-section-of-the-arm-asklepios-medical-atlas.jpg]

[Image: CTxXxpA.png]

[Image: OgflKc4.jpg]

I keep forgetting how much more muscle there's behind the head of the humrus than in front

[Image: u1nGTe1.jpg]

good view of the serratus anterior

[Image: rPB1NHM.png]

figuring arms out

[Image: uxcToyg.jpg]

[Image: 6G0OZCf.png]

I never account for that S curve at the back of the illium

[Image: 7qsRcZw.png]

Morning more anatomy bullshit

[Image: IMG_20190619_020032791.jpg]

[Image: vxneMll.jpg]

[Image: Fsvr2Bk.jpg]

Next up I'll have to so some feet positioning studies

[Image: VhxGp8M.jpg]

finally getting to a point where I can kind of start doing wrinkles and folds from imagination

[Image: WsfM5QA.jpg]

look at this boy

[Image: E8pP3IC.png]

[Image: GLFpR6B.jpg]


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