Gliger's Sketchbook
weak stuff, maybe I'll correct digitally later tonight

[Image: KEsz8rE.jpg]

the modiolus area, pretty important to keep it in mind when drawing the corners of the mouth in perspective, also, the lips themselves have no muscle

[Image: S4IAILq.png]

[Image: X3yl6AJ.jpg]

[Image: rnBHjlp.jpg]

[Image: iKO33Jw.jpg]

[Image: kVWil4b.jpg]


[Image: IQFwUvw.jpg]

[Image: BXzY7hI.jpg]

[Image: nbHNbK0.jpg]

testing dynotopo stuff

[Image: DswXZ7n.png]

with soft rendering you can get decent results

[Image: joaFKEq.png]

[Image: kzi7xCW.png]

time for the neck

[Image: z1elopk.png]

[Image: dkWX7Wl.png]

[Image: 26sK6ZB.png]

[Image: vqdQNEW.jpg]

[Image: GAkO4Wu.png]

[Image: J3R8uma.png]

hey there again

[Image: n6y1NoJ.png]

[Image: VCls5Wu.png]


[Image: a8rOelI.png]

[Image: YgePUOb.png]

relaxed those highlights a bit

[Image: ISfY6VQ.png]

[Image: u4eOlue.png]

[Image: wYWxv5f.png]

gotta try harder, bad rhythms

[Image: 5PtlZ7C.png]

barn owl looking ass

[Image: 3q2P7eG.png]

[Image: 4gjwQoP.png]

[Image: CPvOIVr.png]

[Image: 6ZFsN7C.png]

[Image: aaCL3Eu.png]

[Image: RMHuuM9.png]

tons of problems, but figuring things out

[Image: nLnh2r1.png]

[Image: XxYKcls.png]

exploring them a bit, going off model, seeing what's manageable and what's not

[Image: PiR0SFT.png]

[Image: pFpPerz.png]

[Image: sM9b16W.png]

[Image: kJ9EXN2.png]

[Image: J1tnG0i.png]

[Image: GzYtu0Q.png]

[Image: 3VkHJbo.png]

going to sleep

[Image: 0vBrgEl.png]

need to buy this

Some top gain going on i can feel.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from is own error.
Thanks dude

[Image: hKpYQTN.png]

[Image: uqrewTv.png]

[Image: kCrDzoa.png]

[Image: YxTbsWx.png]

[Image: Hm378zW.png]

[Image: FtnXqOU.png]

[Image: xZwbk4W.jpg]

[Image: HeKr79a.jpg]

[Image: HxWQWqR.jpg]

morning, some wips for a job

[Image: nM70BeZ.png]

[Image: i3dAwLo.png]

[Image: 4pte7zN.png]

[Image: N0smicX.jpg]

important note about the biceps and brachialis at the bottom

[Image: vK7dTMS.jpg]

[Image: dEt9kDH.jpg]

Job thing, client called it finished, I'd've liked to keep going, might go back in the future and fix some stuff.

[Image: SMFn97Q.png]

more job

[Image: BC8Weh7.png]

[Image: SSfmgYT.jpg]

[Image: Mhs5ftQ.jpg]

this is my new favorite video

morning again

[Image: zseHMFQ.jpg]

[Image: GO6wL9R.png]

[Image: GsTsIFV.jpg]

lol at those buff proportions on the bottom right

[Image: 0wAf5iT.jpg]

[Image: oIuOQ5Q.jpg]

nice stylization showing the rhomboid peeking out

[Image: HBDndHG.png]

rhomboid on the left, trapezius on the right

[Image: iIkiK1c.png]

both active on the right

[Image: fqwVEQD.png]

the tail of the trapezius is very thin

[Image: QMmJ0Wt.jpg]

[Image: aQurRnJ.jpg]


[Image: SZviJ15.png]

[Image: USOZGL7.png]

useful stylization, I always mess up the fibers under the overlapping upper band; the supper portion is the thickest one

[Image: vAJ1SkX.png]

it covers the front of the pit of the clavicle when developed (proko's cheating a bit here though)

[Image: 2jSnkSJ.png]

morning yallllllll

[Image: GcOQsbh.jpg]

overlap to keep in mind, haven't figured it out completely yet but yeah. it looks like the upper portion moves the most, medium one overlaps a bunch, and bottom one doesn't move much

[Image: wFRmRpE.jpg]

I always let the upper portion overlap the other portions too early

[Image: NwRfdH7.jpg]

fucking wild

[Image: 0LEfkx8.png]

[Image: hgLtri5.jpg]

always mess up the brachioradialis and extensor carpi radialis

[Image: 7FyOxOt.png]

look at those glutes

[Image: AYORj1Q.png]

when relaxed, the lateral mass of the lats bulges out because of the serratus anterior

[Image: ozxusYC.png]

but when tensed, its own mass overtakes the serratus

[Image: 8RjQRjF.png]

[Image: aJtBL3V.jpg]

Evan Cagle and Nico Delort are the shit

Since the teres major and lats have similar functions, they are often active at the same time, notice the 2 tubes they form

[Image: yiv0gHc.png]

[Image: 7tvEi8S.jpg]

this isn't necessarily a good correction, but I do have to think about the overlap in relation to the central axis/spine, I often offset it too much

[Image: IMG_20190727_073737735.jpg]

[Image: Mjte6y7.png]

[Image: gg2h9Me.png]

I always mess this part up

[Image: CSOVY2Y.png]

nice reference

[Image: K4WlUbp.png]

[Image: qyqxeUC.png]

third time posting this pic, but it's so useful, that activated mass is sooo long for the lats

[Image: UnOENID.png]


[Image: 9YTUIuW.jpg]

[Image: 0RNJtb9.jpg]

the iliotibial band can pinch pretty hard, so much it can seem to cut into the vastus lateralis

[Image: UGd1TUy.png]

since the gluteus medius is a bit like the deltoid, in can do opposite actions, you'll often see one part active and the other relaxed, I gotta practice how these hip muscles change in adduction, it's easily where they are the most visible

[Image: SSKUN8t.png]

[Image: QqQS5va.jpg]

[Image: siOYz0C.jpg]

[Image: L4MPwLp.jpg]

very nice studies and application. your design sense is always on point bro. you use some interesting references sometimes.

thanks dude

no real updates today, it's been all jobs, the next few days will most likely be the same


[Image: xTv0NTx.png]

[Image: GvFtl6h.png]

[Image: F8vPYfs.jpg]

[Image: gsNtgUP.jpg]

[Image: GKYioAU.png]

[Image: TLBfNMA.jpg]

[Image: 74nlveX.jpg]

Morning yall

[Image: MQIEXP0.jpg]

b/w version 'cause I like it

[Image: QiKOlC6.jpg]

[Image: YAGwLLy.jpg]

cool composition from casa del papel, the rocks look like clouds

[Image: E1GO5lD.png]

started shading things a bit as well, for practice

[Image: fSxmVYz.jpg]

[Image: 6nTOFje.jpg]

[Image: 5NcEWvo.jpg]

[Image: J9bOVJb.jpg]

lots of cool gameshot design stuffs here

Morning yall, playing with rest areassss

[Image: IMG_20190730_223528111.jpg]

[Image: u18aSIM.jpg]

[Image: pI2movm.png]

tried taking a photo of it and coloring on the ipad, it's hard, I don't feel in control, I probably just have to practice more

[Image: VtHY45P.png]

maybe I should spend the whole day with the ipad and see if I can get used to it

[Image: Uvc5kYx.png]

this is the most fucking annoying shit

[Image: HgJ2EmD.png]

[Image: hRI8hdd.png]

[Image: 9j8I68j.jpg]

[Image: M3zaSaj.png]

I'm ass

[Image: 7prOn0J.png]

[Image: e3c1KDq.png]

[Image: GjdEVpa.png]

[Image: KCpbVwJ.png]

[Image: pOrzXVl.png]

[Image: w4D5cw2.png]

[Image: CdisDgB.png]

[Image: ve8xIgA.png]

[Image: LKB0OWD.png]

[Image: Fwa7FBP.png]

lots of problems, will figure them out tomorrow with reference, but I'm sleepy now

[Image: xOdFpDD.jpg]

these 2 are really good


[Image: f59Jjiz.png]

[Image: jFwY9iU.jpg]

need to get clearner planes

[Image: LvEtcrF.png]

[Image: BLrfmTq.jpg]

[Image: J9gUAL1.png]

[Image: KoOjNFc.png]

[Image: TqO94Xh.png]

[Image: V732wmi.jpg]

one more day

[Image: 8bekL4M.jpg]

the fat of the bottom pads of the foot is special fat, it's very dense and fibrous

[Image: N4vj8un.png]

some cool stuff here, nice for memorizing forms, starting to play with folds a bit

when you put your feet together you create kind of a vault

[Image: vjLfsoF.jpg]


[Image: vKo8sAZ.png]

patellar fat pads

[Image: hPbxpHj.png]

[Image: mch5FUb.png]

nice view of the hamstring and inner upper leg+knee sections, very chunky and well defined limits

[Image: nswWdTE.png]

that pit in the front of the femur, when you bend the knee, the patella sits there nicely

[Image: a0TwVzI.png]

[Image: Wsva9im.jpg]

[Image: BQEU8pZ.jpg]

[Image: 1pgxlzZ.png]

[Image: oiNJt6c.png]

[Image: 04Tth3e.png]

playing with hairs, still haven't downloaded the new stable blender release with the cool hair bsdf shader 

[Image: 0ektjMy.png]

hairy foot

[Image: tlORmLy.png]

playing around with the skin texture nodes a bit more

[Image: nERcSbE.png]


[Image: 3Xl4rcG.jpg]

the nodegraph for the foot

[Image: SUvopQJ.png]

gonna sculpt an ass in blender, then I have to get back to work

[Image: mCw0Pvd.jpg]

Lots of problems, but I wanted to get things down from memory before pulling out reference, time, to start fixing things now

[Image: y9a5Wfm.png]

[Image: IaDDvCJ.png]

fun, still only using shaders, no textures

[Image: ClugE21.png]

[Image: loGVAl1.png]

[Image: CX0xISk.png]

[Image: NNuvNJK.png]

time for a torso, again, first from memory

[Image: CG65bq6.png]

[Image: GOhjJ9Y.png]

accidentally made a pretty decent scar shader with voronoi nodes

[Image: unknown.png]

gonna feel really good once I figure that back out

[Image: dBJxmGS.png]

[Image: mWKElkA.png]

Morning, still on that anatomy hustle, slowly figuring out the shoulder and scapula

[Image: esRrHV2.png]

[Image: fjcTnmN.png]

played changing the color of the scars

[Image: 4F5Og9D.png]

[Image: XNbtb2g.png]

still trying out skin shaders

[Image: R8pUDV5.png]

hair has to be done through modelling, so I guess it's time to learn curves

[Image: WJWpboC.png]

[Image: J6xXY1E.png]


[Image: o3oCZ2p.png]

welp, onto learning curves

it's not the hardest thing in the world

[Image: 9hvkldG.png]

[Image: rSuZI2j.png]

okeyyy I get how to do it with curves

[Image: 5RB1BTm.png]

ohh this is stupid nice, you can do anything with curves

[Image: MYTb6gc.png]

about to start trying out this addon

ctrl + t for twisting, this way of working would also be insane for designing horns and jewelry

[Image: OmvLwwZ.png]

[Image: vdjLuC8.png]

[Image: rQ74znv.png]

[Image: geuiESx.png]

[Image: uqlGIvO.png]

practicing some quick sculpting

[Image: uTjpLe1.png]

[Image: n4ynVWS.png]

[Image: FbpFZNg.png]

[Image: nCfJVkN.png]

[Image: gfPKjVJ.png]

[Image: VdrfLiz.png]

[Image: qoEHjvA.png]

that was a nice warmup, onto work now

[Image: YtVf331.png]

[Image: LD4DWtO.png]

[Image: 6y1DNVo.png]

Speedsculpting practice with the new chunky spear guy from mha

[Image: HbAtV7p.png]

[Image: 1o95nBs.png]

[Image: oQPPc8Q.png]

[Image: CCxrR3i.png]

[Image: IiSB6K1.png]

[Image: IeimRux.png]

second try, gotta learn cleanup

[Image: UYJakpk.png]

[Image: 5PVVu2r.png]

[Image: wfezKe6.png]

[Image: TY9aoPs.png]

ochrome, but I felt like I was fooling myself into not learning how to color sculpts and blah blah blah, started looking at andrea blasich sculpts and realised just how fucking much sculptors compensate for the different angles you'll see their art in, by pushing and tilting planes to get a really strong 1-2 or 1-2-3 read, even for softer models, so decided to go back to the monochrome sculpt and started applying that to the mask, since it won't be colored, but it's an important part of the design, I'm gonna have to really push that transition and add a contrasting bevel

[Image: fesX0iZ.png]

[Image: zPKGbta.png]

[Image: FRX7CQx.png]

[Image: v4rwbzT.png]

[Image: rZNmHCt.png]

[Image: riaL6GP.png]

[Image: RmDbNpy.jpg]


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