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so many... BALLS 0.0

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
so many balls

[Image: LGaoULx.png]
[Image: PaXxJAJ.png]

[Image: 19ZASjf.png]

[Image: sXCUpuM.png]

[Image: WyCuPOc.png]

couldn't figure out the 2nd light source lighting the fingers inside the fist

[Image: n9O03Bt.png]

[Image: sg6SZt4.png]

[Image: ZM1Z4tJ.png]

[Image: WEk942a.png]

[Image: Jm1iHm0.png]

[Image: Vko5qRb.png]

[Image: tIQdwrE.png]

[Image: NiRQBz4.png]

[Image: weCkwOs.png]

[Image: 8oYxYVa.png]

[Image: 3aHMdO3.png]

[Image: RCPjJOH.png]

[Image: LaKnQl2.png]

[Image: jzlNbWF.png]

[Image: G7VzO0p.png]

[Image: kxD7pCb.png]

[Image: a39wlJc.png]

[Image: c8cQfYY.png]

Feeling the shape composition with just lines is a bit easier nowadays so that's good but I can't forget about practicing lighting

[Image: Gm5oCIN.png]

idk if there's any major detriments to practicing lighting like this but I'm gonna try it a bit, shouldn't be too different in the end compared to people who practice lighting with chalk on dark paper

[Image: 3SVaIEh.png]

[Image: 2xmAgfW.png]

[Image: KMwiscB.png]

[Image: GyYrGvm.png]

[Image: BfTyOGu.png]

[Image: fQ6RXCn.png]

[Image: Z6diAOJ.png]

[Image: QB08NEX.png]

[Image: jInlawS.png]

[Image: TZu1Rji.png]

[Image: tHc99nf.png]

[Image: QQevDV9.png]

[Image: gauOSxp.png]

[Image: 1HA8HMa.png]

[Image: VdTBVyk.png]

[Image: OnxhTOl.png]

[Image: KS01h61.png]

[Image: KOoHKPG.png]

[Image: flEuyRK.png]

[Image: C1wWlFY.png]

[Image: 5L6qd5f.png]

[Image: hnn5ksO.png]

[Image: RUhZZpH.png]

[Image: JjYp2mj.png]

[Image: illKYMa.png]

[Image: nIMGrdY.png]

[Image: r0cHN4b.png]

[Image: rgynKtQ.png]

[Image: 15JTYL4.png]

gonna start pumping up the level of detail, I don't want to do more than 2 light sources for these sketches so I'll probably just focus a bit more on ambient occlusion

[Image: T1Xt2zP.png]

[Image: wtPgcFx.png]

haven't drawn characters in like 2 weeeeeeks, gotta remember the squash and stretch.

Also, it's important to think about the sizes of the elements that show what the environment is, and their relation to the focus.

Are you working on scale?

Nope, I'm switching the aspect ratio to force myself to think about the composition

Another day, another... uhh... day?

[Image: rus7NGT.png]

[Image: Si67VpT.png]

[Image: kKYBnf1.png]

[Image: dDYoM6r.png]

[Image: hJ96LBI.png]

[Image: ZJiXBYt.png]

[Image: cutGi1t.png]

i feel dis momentum man, it tickles :O

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.882)]e owl sat on an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke.[/color]
thank you fedo, I just gotta keep pushing

[Image: IXyIWSo.png]

[Image: CNgRd9u.png]

More claustrophobic but the shape volumes are a bit less even now

[Image: gMNaYAJ.png]

[Image: UYzoErD.png]

[Image: duh0zZb.png]

[Image: g6LTDsB.png]

[Image: jm4wEDq.png]

[Image: 4gmssIx.png]

[Image: btvIr34.png]

[Image: 4Hwd1QC.png]

[Image: GpCNmxC.png]

[Image: irfszSF.png]

[Image: 3Aegp8N.png]

[Image: fAcosaG.png]

[Image: jKpskgB.png]

I'm tired, gonna go to sleep

[Image: FSo9Ytx.png]

[Image: 67gyC9I.png]


gonna redo this one, the expression is hard

[Image: AsBnH5T.png]

[Image: jBBzbMh.png]

[Image: hbN1Qz0.png]

[Image: v9r7Ktu.png]

[Image: skXkS7H.png]

[Image: 8Vp38bs.png]

[Image: v4t2pto.png]

[Image: uSBQci5.png]

[Image: uxl68YR.png]

[Image: g6B50dO.png]

[Image: B73KmYr.png]

[Image: gv9dSE3.png]

[Image: nHdXE6g.png]

[Image: E3FDfhF.png]

[Image: hMhKQhJ.png]

[Image: WxtfGBY.png]

[Image: 3O472vj.png]

[Image: wnAc8kP.png]

[Image: ewuURKk.png]

[Image: X591RgL.png]

[Image: Z75irUg.png]

[Image: tBGQedt.png]

[Image: ViFD1oq.png]

[Image: q6jm0FA.png]

[Image: eIM9HPI.png]

[Image: cw1V6kb.png]

[Image: YWPQN1H.png]

[Image: wOnoLbT.png]

[Image: u0XVIth.png]

k so, light that bounces from an object onto its cast shadow is ridiculously important, as well as the parts of the shadow side that aren't hit by as much bounce light because they are near a cast shadow.

[Image: miwdPv9.png]

Also reflections directly on a cast shadow as well, cast shadows have a lot more variety in them than just an occlusion pass.

The light side could be a lot better, but I'm doing a lot more with bounce lights in the shadow side

[Image: lskaJ51.png]

Trying to iterate with what I've been learning a bit, tomorrow I should try to apply some conscious shape stuff to shadow edges, maybe even reference some stuff from games.

[Image: gwLsJ9C.png]

[Image: SegEekb.png]

[Image: pzCiwI3.png]

[Image: XlDIGSi.png]

[Image: kp1S0II.png]

[Image: Ai5LRyv.png]

[Image: 0g8VlVi.png]

[Image: o0PSk4p.png]

Another day, more practice, I'm gonna do a bunch of 2 value lighting studies on figures

[Image: X0qCRyc.png]

[Image: AmroR1f.png]

Doing a better job simplifying the planes

[Image: RuKLCnR.png]

[Image: OxviCUl.png]

[Image: ZadFVNo.png]

uploading these last 2 here because I have to change the base head, gonna start doing it with ears now

[Image: iknU0iB.png]

[Image: szIy1HY.png]

[Image: 2fLdjFz.png]

[Image: rGKcfvh.png]

[Image: Jj9knja.png]

[Image: 1YcLFdl.png]

[Image: O49lQJJ.png]

[Image: ZQZM68Q.png]

[Image: YhuBqoO.png]

[Image: bCcGsxp.png]

[Image: ffShriM.png]

[Image: NIhInpy.png]

[Image: cGabZSu.png]

[Image: cwgtx7r.png]

[Image: Nea9cWW.png]

[Image: OB5g6hB.png]

[Image: 2kfsbZt.png]

[Image: GuVkX9W.png]

[Image: Jilm5E9.png]

[Image: WlTFFZP.png]

[Image: S63Mvrk.png]

[Image: mQQ2EYs.png]

[Image: JdK0RXG.png]

[Image: 9P02dyH.png]

[Image: tgKKi3N.png]


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