Gliger's Sketchbook
[Image: 29yja4y.png]

Alright, who wants to be the first to make me feel like shit so that I can improve.

Fuck values, seriously, fuck them.

[Image: egam0x.png]

Some 3 value studies from color, value scales I used to try and figure out which value was which, and then I used the scale to check if I was right...

Now, with the skull, I need some help with the painting process, when I start with a drawing I start well, then I get into painting and some minutes into it, I'm stuck, I'm usually stuck for an hour painting stuff that seems pointless and then I kinda get it, and continue making useful stuff until I get it to the level I've been uploading lately, some help? Right now I'm at that point, and I know that if I give it a couple hours I'll be able to finish it, but I'd like to know if I could be more effective in the middle.

10 different value steps seems pretty difficult to start with. Have you only considered doing 4-5?
Also, trying to have value sensitivity for colored images right away can be pretty tricky. Maybe try multiple exercises with color images desaturated first? I know its a separate set of issues you have to think about and I've watched people way better than me (Carl Dobsky comes to mind) do multiple blk/wht sketches to understand the values before moving to a fully recreated color piece.

I have a hard time being mindful through out an entire piece as well. I think part of the answer (as much as I've thought of) lies in the approach/method. For example, doing line work, then values, then color, ect. -layer management and mental check points to actively solve problems.
It gets real easy to start pushing values/colors around when you switch off. I've found it helpful to do things like get up take a break, flip the image, or work on something else simultaneous. I think a couple hours is pretty fast as well. Most complete pieces can be pretty time consuming to be fair.

Also, if you haven't come across these videos, they're pretty rad! ;}

good luck! :D

I think I've watched every crtl paint video, but I'll watch them again since at the time, I didn't practice values, but now, they could be really really helpful. Yeah, I try to flip the image, or watch a tutorial between hours so that keep being productive even at breaks haha.
I feel like I just need to practice painting more to get the hang of it, and watch more process videos, I pretty much hadn't painted at all before a month ago, it was 99% drawing and getting visual library.

[Image: 2py3ots.png]

I really should to more basic studies, idk what I was doing. At this point I don't even care if I get the likeness or not in a portrait, I need to get a strong feeling of form asap.



"10 different value steps seems pretty difficult to start with. Have you only considered doing 4-5? "

This is good advice.

My art teacher always said you should be using no more more than 2 values (the paper and a medium pencil) until you completely understand how to see shadows.

Step 1. Rough gesture to get a feel for the subject, try to relate every thing so it makes sense.
Step 2. Careful outline/ interior line art
Step 3. Map out all shadows in one value
Step 4. Render and add details as needed

Thanks, I've done some pure marker sketches, and some with pen, only 2 values, it's fun, specially for portraits with the rilley method, gonna fill an entire sketchbook with those.

[Image: 16hqlq9.png]

I know, it sucks, but I experimented with some stuff and applied things I had never applied before. It's just an sketch I did to change a bit from doing perspective studies.

Holy crap! these are awesome!! Those skulls and those facial studies and...and...dangit! I need to do more of everything. Very nice sketchbook Gliger. :D
Man, already on page three. Looking good, I agree with what everyone else said, limiting your values is key to learning effectively. I am guilty of this.. Since my values are still terrible.. Two tone figures and studies seem the way to go! Good to see that you are applying stuff to your personal work. While studies are important, doing work from your imagination is equally important.

I just saw this vid Sycra uploaded a couple of days ago:
He says to play it with a friend, but if you do enough dots so that you dont remember the values, I don't see why you cant do it yourself. I think it would be really beneficial :)

Thanks Jaik, I visit Sycra's channel almost daily, idk how I missed that one, I'm gonna watch it right now.

[Image: 2j4r2bq.png]

Water chameleon, or something like that. whatever...

Full size, I think it changes quite a bit. click on the picture later to get better resolution.

Don't worry I'm doing the nothing but 2 value studies on a little separate traditional sketchbook, all portraits pretty much.

I bought the hyrule historia artbook and a 300 pages monster hunter artbook through amazon yesterday, it's gonna take like 3 weeks to get here, I'm kinda angry but exited too, there is a lot I can learn from the monster hunter concept art, from style, to rendering, to design. I also want to buy the dark souls one, the bestiary, and many many more, I'm probably gonna sell most of my games, I could get a good 200 bucks for them if I sell them to a store, or double or triple if I sell them to actual people. 600 euros, imagine how many artbooks I could buy, ooohhh.... maybe even an online course or something.

I'm imagining the amount of art books you could get ;-;-;-;. I really like the the chameleon, everything that I could suggest for you to do in terms of improving has been suggested and you're doing it so...errr keep doing it :D

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"The difficulties of not knowing are much greater than the effort of learning"
Nice sketchbook. Looking good with all the work. Keep it up!

Water chameleon thingy is looking good! And good going on the value studies

[Image: oua1yq.png]

Values... it's getting kinda fun actually, I also did some digital sketches that went nowhere, and the one I liked is corrupted so... yeah, lost it...

Good stuff, I think if you keep pushing in this direction you'll see your work jump a lot pretty fast.

Just always remember to concentrate/ think about what you are doing, and try to keep things easy to read.

Good luck.

[Image: 30vi4wy.png]
[Image: 25ibqty.png]

Going through a small depression, not gonna upload much.

[Image: 144422h.png]

I need crits, as many as possible, regarding value, form, design, process etc.

Now that I look at it it looks like he's lacking a side of the hip

Do you start from thumb nails? It might be easier for someone to crit your process if you show more of the stages that you work in. I like your designs a lot. Are you just going for a character design with this or possibly a full illustration? It looks lke you just threw the bunny in for fun but things like that you should think about incorporating into your work. People really respond to narrative elements. Even if you're not trying to work on composition its still good to keep it in mind.

Thanks, really haha.
I decided to put the bunny in there as a concept, like, something running from the creature, because Will Terrel talked about how important it is to tell a story, even if it is super simple because it makes your work pop, to make it more memorable compared to other people's works that don't tell a story.,I might change the bunny into something else.

I start with a sketch, just a pose I like or something, then I visualize the concept and scribble some lose lines. With the next piece I'll probably post stuff from the beginning.
It's a character design.

[Image: k2zi0w.png]

I really like doing some studies mid-painting to improve as an artist and the painting itself, I did some muscle rendering studies, some boug studies etc. The last post was my max level of muscle rendering, this is my level now, it's really really fun, to see improvements like this one.
Nothing is finished, the arm kind of is, but I'll add some stuff like marks, tattoos or whatever. Might do some tornado studies and stuff to make the ''fog'' look cool.

Well, finished, it was fuuuun and I learned a lot about lighting, rendering and design.

[Image: 5mxpjr.png]

Good High Res

I see you're calling it done so you probably want to move on or whatever but I think it would be good if you eventually came back to it and painted the rest of the body


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