Setah's Sketchbook
very nice sketchbook! The unicorn totally smashed me to the ground! love it absolutely :D

You're doing a lot the right stuff! Just remain consistent and stay motivated!

Aaah, I log on today to see three new comments in my sketchbook! Thank you all so much, it's very motivating ^^

(02-24-2014, 03:48 AM)Bjulvar Wrote: Hey Setah, a lot of nice things going on in here! Really like the badass nonderpy unicorn, feels like it's a more sarcastic version of the Robot Unicorn game that was popular a while back. Would be sweet to see it animated haha :P

And the faun fighter is looking sweet too! It shows a lot of potential if you wanted to work on it more. I think that if you want to improve the shading/colors on it, you just need to establish a more direct lightsource. The character doesn't really sit well with the background, even if it's just abstracted. Because I see some brighter fur on her legs and I can't really processes how it is effected by light ( I might be stupid too :D)

Hope that helps! Would be nice seeing imaginative work taken further and this one has potential! You're doing great:)

The unicorn will definitely be animated! I still have to establish a final style with the other artist first, though.

Yeah, I'm having problems with establishing a good light source. I only worked on shades for the face so far, though! So that's probably adding to the confusion, haha. I'm going to try and see what I can do to save the colours! Shading skin is a bit of a difficult point for me. Thank you for the feedback!
I figured I'd post some stuff I've been working on at school.
We got some composition classes, this is some of the homework I'm working on. We were allowed to draw from life or make something up, so I did a bit of both. I think it's easy to guess what's what, haha. I still need to do three more.
[Image: lm3s.jpg]
[Image: gnuz.jpg]
[Image: 1v76.jpg]

And here's some other stuff from class. We're just starting to learn perspective (thank god), and I'm struggling with it a lot. Trying to tackle elipses right now, but it wouldn't work very well so I'll continue tomorrow.

The other two drawings are of my hairblower, the teacher wanted to see a clean line drawing with some preparing sketches. Making clean lineart is a bit of a weak spot, haha. I'm going to work on my linework soon.
[Image: 7x1z.jpg]
[Image: jap3.jpg]
[Image: u5ke.jpg]
[Image: 79nmx.jpg]
Update on the faun!
[Image: 9gcl.png]
Another one hour environment study, it's really fun to do these and watch everything take shape the further I get, even though they might not always be the right shapes yet, hahaha

I also did some work out of Andrew Loomis' figure drawing book but it was quite messy, so I'm probably not gonna post it, haha
[Image: 84j5.png]
[Image: ycnj.png]

Today's warmup gestures! I'm probably going to do a speedpaint and a 1 hour study today.
I ended up attempting a speedpaint, but I made some huge errors during the colouring and had trouble getting a pleasant scheme out of it, so I ended up quitting and toying around with the sketch a bit more instead.

[Image: 7hUOn.jpg]
I made a quick sketch based on this image: .
[Image: 7kjSW.jpg]
I've been having an awful lot of trouble motivating myself the past week and as a result I haven't posted much useful/interesting stuff. There's just so much that I still have to learn and it's all a bit overwhelming, I know where to start but at the same time I kind of don't. I'm gonna try and update whenever I do create something, though.
[Image: 7kS95.jpg]
Doodled some noses during class
[Image: ZpaMgck.jpg]
My work from art class today, we're getting started on rendering and it was pretty helpful, I'm going to do some painting from life soon, to put everything into practice.

I also did a tiny random doodle of an aircraft:
[Image: 7mJqO]
[Image: 7ppaP.jpg]
Some quick gesture drawings, it's all I had time for today :(
I managed to catch some people off guard at the train station today! There's some failed attempts at shoes aswell. One of the pics is a bit blurry, sorry for that.
[Image: tumblr_n28h39MRpK1s28t53o1_1280.jpg][Image: tumblr_n28h39MRpK1s28t53o2_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_n28h39MRpK1s28t53o3_1280.jpg][Image: tumblr_n28h39MRpK1s28t53o4_1280.jpg][Image: tumblr_n28h39MRpK1s28t53o5_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_n28txeGF6m1ts9446o1_1280.png]
1,5 hour study, Lady Gaga has such an interesting face! I did forget the flip canvas tool exists on this one, so I kind of stared myself dead on it. Ref used:
No art update today, unfortunately, been busy with school projects. I'll definitely post some of them when they are finished, though! One of them is a game and the other assignment is two 3d models, it's difficult but fun!
[Image: 7F1RR.jpg]
One of the little sketches I did at the schools open day today. Will post the 3d work I did for school this week later! Sorry for my long absense, I'm kinda swamped with deadlines ;w;
Aah, most deadlines are over so I can finally get back to the studies! Here's two 30 minute value studies, I kind of went over the limit of 4 values because I ended up blending some but it's a start, I suppose! I also did a ton of coursework, but it isn't all that interesting and all a bit random so I'll leave it out.
[Image: tNISQMN.png]
(original work by

[Image: IhzRB2G.png]
(Study of The Milk Maid by Johannes Vermeer)

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