Bear makes me go to the gym
Hey , im Francisco , im 19 years old , i have been doing sports on and off all my short life (mainly rugby just the best sport in the planet ) , i decided to start going to the gym because i was missing exercise and i was getting spaghetti arms again.
I believe physical activities like lifting get me working better and give me more energy for the everyday life.
Since im starting at the gym im going with the "big man on campus plan " ( )im a newbie at lifting all tips are welcome .
i started this weak (monday the 24 th november 2014) , so far this are my stats:
squat - 60 kg
bp - 40 kg
dl -75 kg
Im a bit of a manlet xD ( 1,74 cm /6.8 ) and weight 62 kg.
My objective is getting stronger and healthier ( im not going for the aesthetic look).

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Hey man,

I haven't done weight lifting in a while, but I do have one piece of advice that's really important in the long term. I don't know if this has become the norm since I've last done it, but whatever you do, do NOT do any exercises that involve keeping your arms perfectly straight throughout the whole thing. In the long run, you will absolutely wreck the tendons in your elbows and shoulders. Instead keep a slight 30-35 degree bend in them, and avoid any exercise where that's not a viable substitute.

So exercises like this one:

Most people will tell you that they're ok, but I've met several older and more experienced weightlifters who will all tell you that their junk exercises long term.

Also since you're at a public gym, you might as well ask around there for tips. In my experience other gym members are more than happy to help you out if you ask nicely. And I'm sure you know this already but don't forget to stretch afterwards d: Yoga is great before and afterwards too if you;re ok with that, and you'll become more flexible and relaxed from it as well

Good luck with your goals!

That makes sense to me , ty for saving my arms :) and ty for the tips . does that also apply to not keeping my arms straight on the deadlifts?
I've never heard it mentioned for that respect, but my guess would be no because the arms/shoulders are not doing most of the work. They're basically there to "hook" and not much else. Mostly the legs, core and back will be engaged in a deadlift.

matter of fact, that's a good way to think about weightlifting in general, and how safe something is. Ask yourself which parts are the ones doing the most work, the second most work, and which parts are just "hooks" or are for support. So for instance the legs will be doing the most work in a deadlift, then the core and back as secondary, and the arms least. Or in a bench press, the chest and shoulders do the most work, the the forearm and bicep are secondary, and the back and core support.

Also that reminds me, when you start doing benchpress, it's not necessary to touch the bar to your chest. Yes, it's "harder" in some ways, but you risk tearing the part of the pectoral that connects to your shoulder by extending it so much and putting so much weight on it. Getting your elbows to form 90~ degrees or less is plenty

pumped as hell from the cal strength videos (
im changing the plan a bit to focus a bit more on strength.
PR of the day :
squat - 80kg x5
dl- 90kg x4
also gained 2 kg since last week
Slowly gaining mass and strength
new PR's :
squat - 90kg x6
dl- 120kg x4
bp- 65kg
Current weight : 64 kg

It bugs me a bit that can't really try maxing out at my squats at my gym because there is no fail support , and if i fail the squat i afraid im might get fucked up .
Any tips on improving squats?

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zercher squats, sir. Check them out! :D

Or, train in a high rep range and increase the weight once you are able to complete 3 sets 12 reps.
This method is a bit redundant, but will ultimately prevent injury.

Learned from experience!

Thanks for the tips man ill check them out ^^
Making progress slowly but steadily , i was sick 2 weeks ago and lost an entire week of training but already got those 3 kgs back.
The time in the gym is finally starting to pay off :)

Weight- 67kg
DL- 135kg x 2
Squat -100kg x 4
BP- 70kg x 6

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Weight- 69kg
DL- 140kg x 3
Squat -100kg x 4
BP- 90kg x 4

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Woah. Nice progress, Bear. You're looking CUT.

Thanks , I'm actually trying to bulk lol , the struggle is real . I'm actually still gaining weight luckily I'm not losing too much definition . How is your training going?
Hey , got sick and lost 4 kgs in a week but now im back ,feeling more into deadlifting every time i do it and finally feeling more comfortable with my max lift 150kg x3 but im having a lot of trouble with my grip and thats affecting my lifts considerably , im currently using inverted grip , i heard of hulk grip but its just doesn't feel comfortable on my fingers , does anyone have any tips on the subject without using straps ?
p.s. i swear im not skipping legs :P

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