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Thank you guys for your help! I really neglected drawing too much. I will start drawing again and post my drawings as well. That will probably help with construction and other things I have problems with.
Fedodika: I am painting digitally because I think I can learn faster there, but in the future I will also paint traditionally. I think especially watercolor looks very interesting.

i mean nothing wrong with painting digitally, it just can train a lot of bad habits i personally am working on removing. see with real paintings, you could replicate this in digital, you cant really move things around much, and you have to mix all the colors and intimately understand color temperatures and values. you could do this in digital if you mixed on the computer, and didnt use the lasso tool but more scrubbed over something with paing and repainted it next to it.

But again in real life, that extra paint makes getting a good stroke more difficult because clumps up or gets too thin, etc. So you know, drawing well with pencil will carry you very far when it comes to painting because youre getting good proportions in and nailing them. id say 90% of the appeal in art is just proportions mapped accurately with good design and line weight. The rest is just technique, try drawing much longer than touching paints, theres a lot of anatomy and form to learn in drawing, painting will slow it down. then when you do paint, go for gouache or oils, gouache teaches tiling and is cheap, and oil is forgiving and teaches patience so ya, thats my input

70+Page Koala Sketchbook: SB

Paintover thread, submit for crits!
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