The 3D thread
I was never good at naming things.

I just started tackling 3d on my own and since i believe i'm not the only one here i though it would be great to have a thread were we can post tutorials we find, share resources and post the stuff we make to give/receive critiques and feedback.
I'm not sure if this is right section for it, sorry if its in the wrong place! ^^'

I will start posting the resources and tutorials i've discovered, Keep in mind that as a complete noob i will post very basic stuff haha, feel free to add whatever you find useful no matter your skill level. I will update this post to list all the tutorials and resources you guys may add and ever divide it in difficulty leves if necessary.


40 Tutorials for 3dsmax:

Modeling/texturing a soldier:


intro to Zbrush and character design:


Download Sculptris:

basics of Sculptris:


Download Sketchup:



Modeling, UVmapping And Texturing A Low Poly T-Rex In Blender:

Low Poly Ninja Game Character with Blender:

Andrew Prices's tutorials on Blender:

Modeling and texturing a low poly cartoon island:

Modeling and coloring a low poly landscape (this one is very good!):

Modeling a whiskey bottle:

Interface and navigation in Blender:

Making isometric Landscape setups in blender:

Modeling a female character (Joan of Arc) on Blender:

Character Creation 101:The Wretch (Gumroad tutorial, i havent tried this one yet but looks pretty useful):


Creating seamless textures in photoshop:

Thiago Vidotto on Gumroad:


particle instancing:

free tutorials from Digital Tutors:

Sketchfab, a site to find and publish 3d stuff, my mouth drools everytime i visit this place. xD
Here i found an Animal crossing/dark souls crossover, awesome:

Getting started in videogame art:

How to post your stuff on the internet:

Lowpoly workshop:

Blender artists community:

Thats all i have for now, happy modeling/texturing/etc daggers! :D

You said it's the 3D thread, but what if someone does 4D stuff? Can he post it here, as well as tutorials for 3D things?
I haven't used blender yet but I thought some people might like to try sculptris

It's from the fine folks who made zbrush and works a lot like clay actually. Very easy to pick and learn and probably a good way to learn about from in 3d space before getting into the very technical stuff we see a lot. And best of all it's currently free

@Pookaball: you mean cinema 4d? if so, then yes. Feel free to post, this thread is to share info about everything related to 3d not only modeling. Texturing, rigging, animating, rendering, whatever. :)

@Patrick Gaumond: downloading right away dude! thanks, you got me when you said that it works like clay. Blender is awesome, its really powerful and has lots of potential but it its pretty tough too.

I'm currently getting into texturing with Blender, so probably tonight or tomorrow i will update the first post with tutorials related to that.

hmm, i've been thinkin about trying 3d modeling for a while, never got round to it so i'll give that sculptris program a shot :).

@EduardoGaray: I mean sculture in real life; sorry if this was not clear enough.
Yo Eduardo. Nice thread name. :P

Andrew Prices's tutorials on Blender are really informative and well explained.

Total beginners may get a bit lost so it's recommended to learn the basics of the interface first; but in general his productions are highly useful.
This is one that I used specifically for particle instancing:

And because nobody has mentioned it, Sketchup beats the pants off any modeling software for ease of use if all you want to do is block out scenes for an illustration.

No tutorials yet....but will update this post if I find some cool ones.
Some promo shit on how it's used in concept work just to whet your appetite:

Massive black on Sketchup
@Pookaball: Aah i see, well real life modeling is different enough to need a thread on its own. :)

@Amit Dutta: Thanks a lot for sharing those! i will take a good look at them and add them to the first post later. And yeah Sketchup looks awesome, be sure to share those tuts if you find them!

It sucks i'm still busy with some stuff and comissions, so little time for 3d, but i will leave this here for now:

You can download on sketchfab the models for the dark souls/animal crossing crossover scene i posted on the main post. Might be a good idea to download some models you like and see how they are done.

Also, if you are like me and love some good retro low poly stuff, check this folder:

Love that VGRemix stuff. Low poly is so cool. brings back memories I guess :)

 YouTube free learnin! | DeviantArt | Old Folio | Insta
Anthony jones shared this (free!) tutorials on gumroad about texturing 3d models.
I havent read them yet (they are in pdf format) but i'm sharing them anyways because why not.

I was about to start getting into texturing this week, so perfect timing.

Found this to be a pretty good tutorial for the basics of Sculptris

im teaching myself zbrush lately, and i have got myself a gumroad tut by matt thorup.
as much as how the title is implicated , "intro to Zbrush and character design" it really isnt meant for beginners. i found this though.
you can watch the whole course for free if you sign up.

I don't know about y'all but learning 3D is so hard for me I can't even do more than just 1 software even though it seems everyone's saying this or that one is good. I'm getting enough headache just from learning 3ds Max, but when that student license expires in a year I'll have to switch to one of these... probably. After getting some things done in 3ds my next goal is also to move back into ZBrush, which should be loads of WTF and fun, lol!

Here is a list of free tutorials from Digital Tutors: to get started. Also polycount forum is a great and active site for learning 3D.

Updated the main post with your additions plus:


40 Tutorials for 3dsmax:

Modeling/texturing a soldier:


Modeling, UVmapping And Texturing A Low Poly T-Rex In Blender:

Low Poly Ninja Game Character with Blender:


Thiago Vidotto on Gumroad:

To raise this thread from the grave, heres a good blender tutorial series i've been following.

A little late here, but do you guys want me to move this to the sketchbook resources forum? Let me know.
Fine by me Dennis :D dont know about the others
Also i already had planned to update the first post so i will add those tuts Trigger.


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