Doing the Insanity Workout Program
I have been doing the Insanity workout for 3 days now and i decided make this thread a journal. 

I'm way overweight so I'm working to improve my physical health.

Wish me luck in finishing the program cause right now it's the struggle XD 

9/29/2015-- Day 3

I always start my workout in the morning, but my body is not in agreement for starting Insanity again, i pushed through and I feel better for it. I am seeing some results I can keep up with the first warm ups for a while but then the actual workouts makes me want to cry. I will keep up eventually, or at least not pass out on the 1st circuit lol

Overall I'm liking this program a lot :)

good luck desirulz123! A workmate did this same workout regime and he totally changed his body shape it,was a huge transformation!

@Richie Thanks Richie, I'm trying my best and I hope I will get good results :)
I completed week 1 it was tough but I did it but I had to take a break on Thursday cause my legs was hurting. On Sunday I made up for the day off by doing the Thursday workout, at least I will start the new workouts on Monday. This program is tough but I'm willing to take the challenge.

Hey, good luck man! I remember trying Insanity out - it completely destroyed me lol
Hopefully you find it to be really great in the end! 

good luck desirulz123!

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