Anime you're watching?
Nice thread.

Been binging stuff from okiura and anything norio matsumoto has been involved in (their sakugabooru pages are good reference), rewatching Miss Hokusai like a maniac. Saw Tale of Princess Kaguya and Children of the Sea recently, which made me dive again into Igarashi's stuff. Few days ago had my bimonthly rewatch of Angel's Egg. Mentally preparing to finally watch Magnetic Rose.

Dunno what the last new show I watched is but I've been rewatching early one piece highlights (pre- Ennies Lobby), those eary Koizumi designs are some of the best stuff ever

I am personally a huge fan of both 'Your Lie in April' and 'Clannad'. 'Your Lie in April' resonates with me because I love music, and seeing the main character grapple with his personal tragedies through song and performance really touched me. 'Clannad' hits close to home cause it explores themes of family, love and loss, which are universal and for me can be incredibly emotional. As for 'Death Parade', I see that as a grim reminder of our human condition and our inherent fear of death and judgment, intricately done and defo worth a good watch!
Tbh I've watched a ton of anime over the years, but recently me and my brother have been Watching Dr. Stone, and I'm really enjoying it so far. It's cool seeing them start with just the clothes on their backs, and then eventually progress to making tanks and ships, and even going on ocean voyages. 

If you enjoy artistic anime that'll inspire you though, definitely recommend Bakuman and Blue period, they both show the reality of being an artist, and Bakuman actually teaches some of the whole process of how they go from storyboard to full blown anime. Blue period hits closer to home personally though, I love seeing how they approach painting and stuff in it, though I never cared too much about the underlying emotions behind art, sometimes it is what it is. Barakamon is also good in that regard though it has more of a focus on Calligraphy, and is more village life, though there is some "suffering artist' parts and how intensely the mc focuses on his work.

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