3D modeling and Blockmesh
Ok lets start this. We delayed this group for wayy too long :D
Some flying buttress/fail study.

[Image: butress_by_skicnikutmi-d9uskll.jpg]
If you call this a fail...

Sorry for the dalay, I did not expect organising this challenge will take some much of my time. I plan to hop into Blender asap.

Np man :)
Here is another one , its funny that I added depth to the model , but forgot for the background :D

[Image: colors1_by_skicnikutmi-d9uyi4b.jpg]
I think there is a small issue with perspective, but great otherwise

Here's some work on the grunty model, i've managed to fix the chin and I curved out the nose edge more. pretty happy with both of them parts now, however I can't seem to fix the geometry below the nose and around the cheekbones.
the cheekbones are badly shaped now as well so I need to try and figure out a way around it.

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