chubbycat's sketchbook!
As others said, your line drawing is great, color schemes are very nice as well, and about rendering... Well, before you jump into hardcore rendering of materials, first try to get a grip of the form itself. I struggle with it all the time, and one's really have to know what EXACTLY one's drawing to do it properly. Or so I think from my experience. xD Because your line drawing is so neat, I think you wouldn't even have to do all the rendering, just indicating the fabric of material here and there would be enough. I think you'd do a great leap forward if you could think in 3 dimensions, instead of 2. But don't worry, it's hard as fuck. :P

I've remembered! It's ambient occlusion, it makes your characters much mure dimensional, try looking for this, maybe some gumroads to help you with it. Alex Negrea's tutorial is pretty cool.

Why do you complain of your fate when you could so easily change it?
Thanks devares! Form is definitely something I struggle hard with.. especially when it comes to adding lighting (from imagination) to it... my brain just refuses to function and goes into meltdown XP. I think you're right that I only need a couple of brushstrokes to communicate materials. A lot of artist seem to only use a few strokes, but when observing it, I stupidly end up using a million brush strokes to attempt to achieve what they did in a few.

Thinking 3d is something I'll try and be more aware of when in the rendering process! Rendering gets so overwhelming sometimes so I tend to forget to think 3d when working through it, haha.

I seriously can't believe it, I have Alex Negrea's AO tutorial sitting on my computer but I must've forgotten about it. It's pretty much exactly what I need haha. Thanks for that!

[Image: tumblr_okuqubFF4y1vp7i5vo1_540.jpg]

A drawing from today. After watching (more like skimming) Alex Negrea's AO tutorial, I've been wanting to give it a go. I also have this 'tutorial' archived for ages.. it's essentially the same thing, but I want to go it a go for myself. Others might find it useful, so it's in the Spoiler tab below

Worked on my female a bit more. I attempted to think more '3d' and how light would interact with her outfit and form; hence the additions of a secondary light source (her 'magical' powers). Tinkered around with the materials as well. Gonna call this done, I think, but c&c is always welcome :)

[Image: tumblr_okweqsMKZD1vp7i5vo1_540.jpg]

Got the shits with the AO project I was attempting.. gonna shelf it for now until I can bear to look at it again. Instead, I've been working on a female viking character.. happy days n___n

[Image: tumblr_okyb16Gd961vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

Viking chick progress. I've been working really hard on materials/textures for this piece and did a couple of studies beforehand to help. 

I really can't help but feel there's something really fucked with her face.. so any C&C on this piece would be most welcome

[Image: tumblr_ol3852Yq851vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

Love your design! Her personality really shows through, and I think you did a pretty good job with showing the textures in the clothes. I tried to do a really quick paint over on the face of the viking chick (it's not much)- I think you're doing a good job, but maybe you could tone down the black on her eye makeup? Maybe that's throwing you off. Her ear may also be a bit small. But keep going! She's looking great :)

Thanks so much for the paintover @Axrel!! This is exactly what I needed to get me out of the mud :D. I'm really glad you like her design as well! I will admit her ear has been utterly neglected throughout the whole process, so I'll be sure to give it some love. I agree with the eye makeup.. the thickness was definitely not helping me when trying to solve the issues. I'm an all or nothing kinda gal, haha, but I'll tone it down and see how it goes.

Once again, thanks a million!

No problem! I can't wait to see the final piece :) Good luck!

Calling her finished :). Fixed up the face, leg proportions and heightened the shadows and made her shield look more like metal.

[Image: tumblr_ol9hydOUCO1vp7i5vo1_540.jpg]

What started off as a portrait study is rapidly turning into me doing my own thing. But that's how you're supposed to use references... right ;)

Drawing inspriation from the Witcher Playboy spread and Wojtek Fus' photostudies. Gonna render it tomorrow

[Image: tumblr_olb3onniRy1vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_olb3ozHDHw1vp7i5vo1_500.jpg]

Great sketchbook and characters!
I really like your vikings characters , the lineart and color variations at very nice!
I think in general working on the 3d volume of shapes would help, things like the planes of the face for example. Which I think is what was a bit strange on your last viking illustration.
The latest lineart is great! I'm looking forward to the rendered version.
Thanks for checking out my work! I'm glad you like it :). I have to agree about needing to focus on the planes of the face, and that the last piece wasn't quite right. Doing a series of quick portrait studies would help me tons, which is what I plan to do next before the lady above!

I had a recent character concept floating around and decided to finish it off. Since the viking chick's face wasn't right, I wanted to rectify my mistakes in this piece, so I used the same lighting. It's looking a lot better in this piece, but it's still very much open to C&C.

Having two monitors is starting to fuck me up when rendering as they are massively different in terms of colour (one montior makes blacks darker than the other). This is something I'll need to change asap, but I'm not sure how to do so.

C&C welcome :D

[Image: tumblr_olgnmebjjU1vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

Quote:Having two monitors is starting to fuck me up when rendering as they are massively different in terms of colour (one montior makes blacks darker than the other).

How so? I'm thinking you can always render on the better monitor. I'm not quite sure of your predicament..


Aside from minor anatomy hiccups (the character's left leg!), the lighting seems inconsistent. 2 things:

- Light source. The tell was how you light the face up and how you light her vest clothing and arms. Or unless you're trying to pull off a light with cast shadow.. But even if that's the case it's a bit hard to make out.

- Light's temperature. The clothing (blue cape, the vest, arm guard) seems to be lit by cool light while the skin and the bow are lit by a warmer temperature. Warm light cool shadows! Cool light warm shadows!

Not quite sure you get what I'm saying. Hit me up here or Discord if I need to explain it further or do a paint over.

Side note: Maan.. I'm digging the face paint designs. I'm inspired to do some myself in the future. Cool stuff!

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
IG: @thatpuddinhead
Thanks for commenting, John! You're always so helpful :)

Hmm, the easiest way is to show via image. Sorry for bad quality, it's midnight here so general lighting isn't great to take photos in. Take the cape for example, since it's the most immediately noticeable difference... even the shadow under her feet... they are completely different values. I render on the right screen/image, which I consider to be the 'better' monitor, but it's hard to know what monitor is "correct" as to how others are viewing it (online). I know everyone has different monitors and qualities, but I want to avoid the possibility of making my images too dark, or on the contrary, too light. I hope this makes sense and isn't just ramblings of a mad-woman who's been starring at her screen too long haha :P

[Image: tumblr_olh1kqgE411vp7i5vo1_500.png][Image: tumblr_olh1kqgE411vp7i5vo2_500.png]

Na, not trying to do a light with a cast shadow or anything fancy like that. Just simple lighting coming from top left with a duller rim light on the right hand side. 

For this piece I used a lot of clothing reference, so I can see how some of the things ended up being rendered with the wrong temperature - especially because I was trying to experiment with different colours of leather.

I get what you're saying, but I'm a little lost on how to apply it to my piece and what (colour) changes I should make to make it correct. Please help me Senpai-John :(

Thanks! I'm digging doing the facepaint man, haha. You should definitely give them a try in the future, they're so much fun to do!

You know what? Now I'm not quite sure! My monitor interprets the shadow as if it's mimicking the right image, while it interprets light as if it's mimicking the left. Now I'm not quite sure about this paint over I did. It seems you got the temperatures right on your screen? But just in case this helps:

You got a good phone with a good screen? Maybe you can calibrate based on that?

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
IG: @thatpuddinhead
*Throws monitors out the window*
There, problem fixed lmao.

Hmmm, that's even worse! I do have a good phone (galaxy s6) so I think you're right, I'll have to calibrate based on that. It's a tad annoying to have to do so, so I might look into calibrating my screens.. or ditching them for new ones.

Thanks for doing it man; it does help a lot actually! It also makes me realize I had the arm shaded completely wrong. I'll fix up the lighting and post the results soon.

After I get back from holiday, it's time for some serious lighting and value studies

Back after a while and geez my hands can't keep up. I should have done some traditional art while I was away, but you know how it gets.

Trying to kick bad habits and get into doing studies more. Below are some studies from the last two days.. a couple of 'figure' drawings (drawing athletic girls is quickly becoming a hobby), b&w ports where I tried to eye the values myself and then the long awaited material studies... I can't really call them that, but it's a start :P

[Image: tumblr_omu2u0tfrR1vp7i5vo2_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_omu2u0tfrR1vp7i5vo3_1280.jpg]

[Image: tumblr_omu2u0tfrR1vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

Collection of studies from this week. Want to continue doing the 30min face/value studies as warm ups as I do believe they are helping me quite a bit. They help me loosen up and cut down the fear of creating 'ugly' looking art and faces.

Need to up my game more and start cranking out more art this week!

[Image: tumblr_onsa0o0NMC1vp7i5vo2_540.jpg]

Material Study:

[Image: tumblr_onsa0o0NMC1vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

Study. Not finished but calling it done

[Image: tumblr_ons9u4yIqr1vp7i5vo1_1280.jpg]

Studies from this week. I focused a lot on tackling my fears - drawing hands and rendering materials. I also gave myself a break from studies and started to think of a character concept for a portrait I want to do next week.

With the material studies, I really half arsed rendering the skin and weapons.. I know they look like trash but skin is something I really struggle mentally preparing myself for, so I thought it was better to play around with blocking it in in hopes of getting over this stupid mental block. Skin studies will come eventually.. probably the week after next??

[Image: 91ed283ecbc81cb2dc91eee2f5559791.jpg]

[Image: d992778a255c4703cfd21d393492e3ce.jpg]



[Image: 788112132431fa27181d7a0261bf3013.jpg]


[Image: b55e8b74fbbf7ce93640dcb693056a49.jpg]



[Image: 1e72fe6eec75403fef3080e6a02f47d4.jpg]



[Image: 978b91845eb5cc8a741efcd6c3da0abe.jpg]

I also noticed a lot of broken images in my first few pages. I've switched from tumblr to pinterest for stashing my images on... hopefully that works


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