chubbycat's sketchbook!
@Fedodika Thanks so much Fed! I always appreciate all the comments you leave on my sketchbook <3

@Nature Thanks for the kind words and write up, Nature! I simply adore the idea of doing value copies of his works! I have the linework so I may as well practice colouring on them, haha! His brushstrokes are genius where so little says a lot, so I agree that learning from him will help me greatly. I am deeply intimidated by colour, so I will work through learning his values before jumping into that.

You're very right about university. It is a money hole unless I go through something a bit more guaranteed like the medical field. Because I'm not a citizen in the country I'm living in also means I don't qualify for student loans, so I'd have to put myself through uni and pay upfront each semester (been there, done that, it sucked lmao). Thanks for the encouraging words a perspective. I don't think I will pursue university again for the reasons you pointed out, I will just keep pushing and try to make art work. But who knows what will happen, we'll see!


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