Kamil's Sketchbook - From zero to hero
Hi Daggers,

This is my first post and I'm industrial design student. My journey with drawing was quite chaotic and not very long. Summer holidays started a week ago and they will last for next three months so I want to utilize that time to learn sketching cars from the basics. I started with reading Scott Robertson's book and watching his videos about learning perspective drawing. Here are some latest sketches and I would like to get some advices:

[Image: Sxeih7e.jpg]

[Image: pyhfJDz.jpg]

[Image: 7e2Ikxm.jpg]

[Image: MXKjDuj.jpg]

[Image: Q039EwT.jpg]
Hi Kamil! Welcome to the Crimson Daggers! Great for you to jump right into the Sketchbooks area!

Time for crits!
Good thing about the work is you're using guidelines. Excellent way to measure the length and great for checking if the perspective is true.

But the way you set up your guidelines for your sketch are off compared to the ones you set up on the photo. And it's probably a good thing to work out the forms in terms of simple shapes. They are essentially just made up of box and cylinders. 

Worry about the rendering later, it seems you know how to render. Just get your form and perspective in check, and your rendering is your icing on the proverbial cake!

Again, welcome! Let's work hard!

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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Welcome to the Crimson Daggers Kamil!

I reckon you're making a smart move with the Scott Robertson stuff, I intend to purchase his How To Draw book myself soon.

Looking forward to more from you, keep going!

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CD Sketchbook

Hey, welcome to the forum Kamil!! Looks like you are heading in the right direction, but I think you would really benefit from getting some good felt-tip pens. You'll get the most out of Scott using a pen, as it forces you to think before you draw. Practice the basics a lot–lines, ellipses, perspective grids, boxes, cylinders, etc. You build up everything from those.

Draw every day. Don't be discouraged by messing it, it is how you learn. Oh, and have you heard of Draw a Box? It's a great place to get started learning the basics, if you are looking for a free resource!

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Welcome! I think one of the problems with reverse engineering a photograph, is that it isn't necessarily teaching you how to develop the sense of understanding and constructing the 3D form because you are trying to match the photo which already has foreshortening and perspective built into it, but trying to use constructive techniques at the same time.

I wonder if perhaps taking or making orthographic designs first, and then using the techniques in that book to transfer them into perspective would be a better workflow to start with? By using orthos you will be able to properly measure and test your transformations into perspective rather than wing it from a single perspective shot. If you do want to just essentially copy a photo, definitely make sure your guides are accurate and identical to the original or it will be a pointless exercise.

Also consider starting with less complex objects to build up your confidence and workflow first. Those cars you chose are difficult because of the curving forms. Consider doing things with simpler primitive shapes first. A kids wagon, a train etc. You can't fly before you can walk. Well you can, but you will go splat soon after.

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Thanks for the welcome and advices.

@John - For now I'm practicing drawing boxes and cylinders in perspective as you said. Scott's book is reallly helpful with that.

@Artloader - Thank you.

@Mechanizoid - After reading your post in the morning I changed my pencils on pens. My grids are now made with a 0,5mm pen.

@Amit Dutta - I agree. I don't want to just copy photos so I will do as you said.

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