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Hi! Just a very young and very new dweeb here, still in high school. Been drawing since I was about 5 years old, and started taking it seriously about 3 or 4 years ago, but due to school my progress is kind of sporadic. Love doing anything concerning designing characters and stuff, and have wanted to improve seriously for a long time but have never found the right place to do so. 

Summer holidays are coming in two weeks so I was planning on doing some massive improvements concerning my anatomy, but more importantly my landscape and concept/design skills! I've got three more years until college but since I have to keep my grades at an A-average, I figured I should start preparing for doing my portfolio earlier. It's my dream to enroll in the ArtCenter College of Design (Entertainment  Design or Illustration course), and I've got to work even harder to earn a place in there because I would be an international student...

I hope that this can be the place where I can do that. :) I look forward to these three months with you!
Welcome to Crimson Daggers Angrychill :)

I've heard a lot about Art Center - it's supposed to be really good - and really expensive!

To help you along, I'll list a few resources that have really helped me.

For drawing fundamentals:

For accuracy and understanding lighting:

For anatomy (Proko): 

I encourage you to start up a sketchbook thread and share your journey with us - good luck!

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