Charlotte Sheen's Sketchbook
Hello, nice to meet you all. I'm Charlotte Sheen and being 100% honest I registered with the purpose of making myself draw again. I haven't draw for months, which is ridiculous considering I want to be an artist and make comics (marvel, dc or even my own webcomic). I need to keep going and since I heard so much of this group from Dave Rapoza in his streams and youtube videos, I decided to join. 

The drawings posted are from months ago or even previous years (2016 and 2015), and none of them were from imagination, everything with reference from books (Loomis, Vilppu, etc) or pictures I found on google. 

Forgive my english, it's not my native language and I never used a forum before, so if I screw up I'm sorry. And please, ignore the dumb things I write next to my drawings. Any critique or comment is welcome, I'll try my best to absorb what you guys have to say.

[Image: tumblr_or3oqjuwD91wrupf7o1_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_or3oqjuwD91wrupf7o2_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_or3oqjuwD91wrupf7o3_1280.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_or3oqjuwD91wrupf7o4_1280.jpg]
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Welcome to the forum Charlotte, nice start here. I like how you're tackling poses from different angles - hard work but it will pay off in the long run.

Loomis and Vilppu are pretty awesome resources already for figures but you might also want to check out Proko's YouTube channel if you haven't already:

High quality teaching for a great price - free!

Keep going!

“Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.” -- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

CD Sketchbook

I introduced myself and the disappeared. But I'm back now and I'm going to make myself draw every day, first thing in the morning. I'm going to post here daily or if daily is too much, I'll post weekly. I need to tackle hands, legs and drapery, so be ready to see a lot of shitty drawings. Here's my recent drawings (they are from the past few days, I only drew the guy with boots today - I suck at drapery. And many other things, of course.):

[Image: tumblr_ovyyys7jxb1wafoazo1_1280.png]

I also have a question, anyone know a "male equivalent" to senshistock at deviantart? I like using her photos for practicing, but there are very few males on her gallery. I would appreciate very much any recommendation. Thanks in advance!

@ArtLoader I want to apologize to you, man. You took your time replying to me, and I vanished. I'm really sorry for that. But answering your question, yes. I do know proko. He's pretty good. But thanks for the suggestion anyway! And thanks for the kind words! I'll do my best.

So, I decided to push myself and started to practice poses today. I want to do 18 poses everyday, but my limit today was 8. With the 2 last poses looking really bad, even compared to the others. But I'm going to keep pushing until I become capable of drawing 18 every day! 

I made my list of daily, weekly, monthly goal(s):
- Draw 18 poses every day (with clothes or not)
- Ink at least one finished drawing (with clothes or armor, with detailed face with hair or such) every week  
- Paint one finished drawing using watercolors every week
- Ink and paint with markers or watercolors one finished drawing every week
- Make a comic strip or an oneshot monthly. Start to finish - story, character design, thumbnail, sketch, lineart, color, mood, background), to apply everything I'm learning, and to see where I need to improve

I doubt in the beginning I'll be able to do everything I want, but I'll keep going until I can do it. 

And of course, here's today poses:
[Image: tumblr_ovzorzmdHS1wafoazo1_1280.png]

Hello! Today I managed to draw 11. I made the mistake of not placing some poses properly on the paper and the result is that some of them are "hugging the corners" (I guess that's the right term...?). In the last 3 I tried the reilly method, which is a method I always was interested in but I can't find many resources about it (books, videos, pictures, etc). But I decided to go with what I got and figure it out. I left my last sketches in pencil because I still trying to figure out how this method works and how to use it properly. And the reason why I'm trying to learn the reilly method is because I don't feel like I clicked with other construction method such as Loomis, Vilppu, Hampton, etc. 

One thing that I forgot to mention yesterday is that for every pose I'm drawing, I set up a timer on 30 minutes. I'm doing this hoping that makes me draw faster, since my goal is doing comics. So far most poses take me 15-22 minutes, more or less.

Poses of the day:
[Image: tumblr_ow1ate6DL71wafoazo1_1280.jpg]

Thumbs Up 
(omg my figures hug the corners so much its annoying)
I like your style in that it is slightly simplified but realistic at the same time. You are on a good path and I hope you stay on this website more.

I like that you are putting boxes on your figures, that is incredibly important (and hard to pull off) and you are trying out so much figures and poses, keep up the mileage because you are definitely going to pat yourself in the back later down the road. I also suggest just drawing a lot of boxes in different angles because when you start drawing bodies in extreme perspectives and you have to start doing the ribcage and pelvis in box form and...

[Image: sweating-makeup-off-blotting-face-gif.gif]


[img=0x0][/img]The only thing I have to say is to work more on your gestures. There are some figures where the arms and legs are lolipops and that is no good bro. But there are also some figures like #6 on your second post where the leg in front swoops downwards and that is beautiful. But you don't do that a lot unfortunately...

 Trust me, if you can master gesture and rhythm in the human body then everything else is easy, getting gesture lines to look good is a pain in the ass...

[Image: MikeMattesiForceVol1.jpg]

This book for figure drawing is incredibly fucking good, bro! Just search for a pdf for it, (or buy it, I heard he released a 10th anniversary version of this and updated a whole bunch of info) and study it because his philosophy on drawing the figure is legendary. (i actually have to do some exercises in this book myself haha)

Other than that, keep chugging man!

I hope you're not worrying about not reaching your quantitative goal of 18 poses. 11 poses drawn accurately will always be better than a hundred drawn inaccurately.

About speed. As frustrating as it may seem, speed will come naturally through repetition and habit. I have had moments where it takes about a month to finish a piece. I think now I can finish within 3(?) weeks. I know that feeling of 'I wish I was faster', and honestly I do still have that feeling! But, as I've said, habit! Keep at it!

About the Reilly method. I'm not too keen on it. But I know Nathan Fowkes does his portraits using the Reilly method and he has vids/process blogs all over the internet.

Not really giving you any advice! I think you got a good regimen. Just trying to dispel any doubts about your process in case you had any. Don't be too hard on yourself if things people teach don't seem to work out. That usually goes along with finding your craft and experimentation.

Good luck!

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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