Great to see you posting again! New sketches look great, excellent use of line weight there!

Thanks guys~

Here's a piece I recently did
Fairly happy with how it turned out though it doesn't usually reach the expectations of what I imagine.

[Image: dfautbk-1c23a5c2-89f7-4510-929a-7d5cd617...1NcEf9WLcA]

[Image: dfautbq-ae3d5ea0-fcee-4d2c-b4b9-25fbfb07...AZL6IWWbOg]

[Image: dfald1s-1e113691-e778-4cae-aefc-ec442d5f...HIWBiZPHug]

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357
Oh yeah, and this is how the wolverine image I did changed after I put some more time into it

[Image: dcyolty-dde79c55-eb3d-4272-bdd2-039088b4...k3oiyE_Muc] 

Still Things I could improve on but it's just personal work and I'm bit burnt out,
need to save some energy for paid work

[Image: df7eqee-cd02c4b7-bd26-4092-80ab-5395842a...dc763jbRFo]

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357
That dragon piece turned out great! SO many little details that i kept my eyes bouncing all around it. the dragons nails were a particularly humorous discovery! I think you nailed the girls skin tone and facial expression, if i could give any critique on her i would want the anatomy just slightly adjusted. focusing mainly on limb length ( her left arm looks a tad short, and her left lower leg looks a tad long, but that could be the foreshortening you were going for. For the dragon i would just want you to push the dragon skin a little more with some texture or scales. But very nice work overall! very creative and nice to see!

Also that Wolverine piece looks dope! :)

Loving the dragon piece, such a unique character design on the the dragon and figure, and bold color choices. The XMen update is very solid as well, new characters helped the composition and the update on Logan's hair was a great choice!

Looked over the last coupla pages and I really like what you're doing.

Your figures and portraits are pretty flawless. Especially love the little dragon girl above.

Saw the 'amazon girl with the frog' on the previous page somewhere along the line and remember thinking then it was really good.

Glad to see you posting here.

So another long while later and I'm back again

excuse the delayed response
I appreciate all yall looking at my stuff.

yeah I agree with the proportion issues. the only way I can post stuff is to tell myself you can always go back and tweak things in the future, other wise I'd get even less done than I already do..

Thank you guys for the kind words.

I've had some more low points in recent months and trying to keep trudging through and living authentically despite things.

I'm currently considering another attempt at getting my comic going again, this time after working out a more feasible approach to the drawings.
My process has never been too efficient but I'm somewhat hopeful with this next plan of approach.
I'm aiming to go with a quite loose sketchy look that will let me colour the thing after.
I would often colour pick the back ground layers and have things devolve into painting rather than drawing.
I've been practicing keeping the drawing layer a bit cleaner by hot keying the eraser on my stylus and it's working so far.

Hope yall are doing alright out there.
Reach out if you need some help with art things or even not art things,
I know it can be a hard time, particularly If you don't have very supportive people in your life.
I'm @andrewgibbonsart on insta If you needa have a chat

Here are some practice faces of some Manchester United players
Planning to do a big piece with the whole team, just getting them done one by one.
the brush is one of Jens Claessens pencil brushes and his sketchbook scan also
these were done in photoshop

[Image: man_united_sketchbook_1_by_andrew_gibbon...tvMHNz_q6k]

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357
Nice to see you posting again, the faces look great, especially Varane's. Are you a Manchester United fan?

(04-04-2023, 04:01 AM)VitorCardoso Wrote: Nice to see you posting again, the faces look great, especially Varane's.  Are you a Manchester United fan?

Thank you~
Yeah United supporter since a Kid cos of my Dad
just got back into watching football in the last couple years though
I draw guys allot less so I thought this be some good practice
Have gone a bit on auto pilot though and losing concentration a bit on some of the points I was trying to work on.
have ended up over working some of them compared to how simple and loose I started off wanting to have them be
It:s mostly cos I'm often tired before I'm even starting on them so I'm not gauging the proportions well at first and end up having to do more correcting.
anyway, here' another page of 8
[Image: man_united_sketchbook_2_by_andrew_gibbon...DO6Ktb0ztw]

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357
That would make better collection cards than the Panini ones :)

These look great! You're very good at likeness!

If you're having issues with proportion and positioning you could try to "ghost" the position of features with very light shading — which is easy to repurpose into rendering later — just so you know what goes where as you work. Don't get caught up in features for these markers and avoid outlining them, go bigger like the inner hollow of eyebrows, the side volume of eyelids to temples, the mass of the mouth, this sort of thing.

hah thanks Leo~

DK, It's good advice, I've started to notice in the last few years how some really good artists been using this ghosting kinda approach. particularly remember Bobby Chiu and how the light marks really made it seem easier to find good relations in where to define stuff. I do it sometimes more than others.. think I have an aversion to drilling techniques, but as I bounce from one approach to another, maybe if I'm drawing enough they'll begin to stick more.
anyway, thanks!
I've been feeling that this ghosting kinda approach might help with my non referenced stuff too. will see how that develops.

Got at least one more sheet of 8 players I'm gonna do..maybe two more sets of 8 if I can be bothered.
It's probably the most Dudes I've drawn in a row. end up drawing girls mostly, so It's been good practice I tihnk.

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357
Sheet 3 of these Manchester United portraits
planning to do one more set of 8 at least..
think my brains getting a bit numb though and struggling more on some of these feeling bit noodly but overall feel decent about the results for time.

[Image: man_united_sketchbook_32_by_andrew_gibbo...rXSmMDtTD4]

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357
some stuff from a recent life drawing session.
mostly 2 min poses and some 3s and 4s
was pretty burnt out mentally going in so was just trying to not overthink or be too precious about the results.

[Image: has1_by_andrew_gibbons_dfwpz7y-pre.jpg?t...KmIwxduluM]
working on graphic novel lately.
so much to do..
hope yall decently well or on your way to being
have a day my Gs

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357
You got some very good ones in spite of the time constraint and your mental state. And the three second ones, man you go way beyond scribbles for that time frame.

May we know more about your graphic novel?

(05-14-2023, 12:18 PM)Leo Ki Wrote: You got some very good ones in spite of the time constraint and your mental state. And the three second ones, man you go way beyond scribbles for that time frame.

May we know more about your graphic novel?

sorry the 2's and 3's mentioned , I meant 2 and 3 minutes.

Yeah, so I've been writing this story for several years and have tried to make progress on it when client work gets slow. I'm coming into another slow period so trying to make use of the time and continue working on the comic.
I've got the broad story planned out for 3 books that I'm planning to span 12 issues per book of 32 pages per issue so around 400 pages per book.

I'm aware its kinda ridiculous and I'm just banking on my skills improving to the point I can somehow fulfill the task in a reasonable time frame.
but its a personal project and I want to enjoy it and somewhat take my time with it.
It's a big ol mesh of heaps of the stuff that interests me and I've let the story largely write itself just from the tangents that my brain flows down.
It's been really enjoyable at times and frustrating in parts but working out the plot holes is part of the fun.
Here's one of the main characters who I just had an illustration of around 8 years ago
the story fist came from just imagining what her backstory was and escalated quickly from there.

[Image: dfxfzyh-46dbc01c-f2c2-4b27-bb7c-069c509b...FnCpDUwOH0]

this is the most complete version I've put together just trying to gauge how difficult getting through an issue would be. The quality wavers in parts but it was a good exercise and now I've drafted the majority of book one and am working on re-drawing issue one with a different work flow that will hopefully turn out good. will have to see still..
I'm still working out the look but I'll post some when I'm thinking its near what I want.
Having encouraging results recently..

[Image: dfxg00f-0c97459f-2f95-46d4-a930-4cc5c38f...g2iKfCafaw]

also here's some DND character stuff I made for a friend recently.
He changed his characters load out so he needed a 2nd version

[Image: dnd_spread_by_andrew_gibbons_dfxg01b-pre...78Zx7KSxgM]

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357
Have been doing some trial re draws of comic pages I made in the past.
Here's an example of that.
still going with quite a rough sketchy approach but going to attempt to improve the shape composition
and maintain a more constant standard of quality and interest page to page.
This page is probably not quite done. I'm doing a few pages at the same time to work out the approach.
I know heaps of comics exist where its far more about just getting the story across but I don't want to pump out quantity.
I buy comics where I like that drawings and I want looking at the pages for more than a few seconds to be satisfying and carry enough interest to warrant that.
[Image: dfxw0xd-bf5b896f-0e1a-408d-a66a-d9cd8936...RGe5A3tLgc]
Finished off another group of Football player portraits which will do for this series for now.
did 33 portraits in the set. Didn't include them all in the final composition ill include here because of them not featuring in games enough this season..
[Image: screenshot_2023_05_24_165753_by_andrew_g...ITpI3c3aks]

Here's the big composite of the portraits
the size of the heads based on the players importance during the season.
not super planned out, just had fun with it
no real purpose to making this particular image besides having followed the football this season and wanting to practice more Male portraits since I tend to draw girls more of the time.

[Image: screenshot_2023_05_24_165727_by_andrew_g...adACx5tlOo]

Wanting to do some more Mortal Kombat related stuff to coincide with the upcoming game set to release around September this year.
Thinking about continuing this set and or doing some more concept art oriented type work to see how my skills are in that area.

[Image: screenshot_2023_05_24_000244_by_andrew_g...BfGMMO3csc]

keep pushing forward my dudes and dudetts
If your'e struggling feel free to reach out on insta @AndrewGibbonsArt

It's normal that people around you may have a hard time understanding what your'e working towards
They may say stuff at times that unintentonally (hopefully) brings you down.
But life is short and I don't know anyone that's regretted following their dreams
and I do know many stories of people regretting not having followed their dreams.
so easy choice, though difficult journey.

But I believe in you  Thumbs_up

Discord tag: AndrewGibbons#3357
Great updates here, really impressed with your recent drawings. You've been crazy productive and keep improving. I hope to see more Mortal Kombat -esque works from you, really excited for the new game and you definitely do the characters justice! Keep it up!

Yeeess, Mortal Kombat! You win, drawing fatality! Loving the quantity and quality of your sketches and paintings :D Keep up the great work!


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