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devares : thanks for stoping by ! i love cyberpunk universes by i really enjoy drawing all kinds of things ! i'd like to learn to be able to tell good stories through my illustration/character designs, we feel that the character/scene is alive, has a past, and is leading toward some goals, like the girl i drew today i thought i'd give her a badass look, ready to fight anyone on her way . I still have a long way to go to get where i want to be, need to observe peoples around me a lot more, learn about body language, etc !

Noodleinbox : thanks ! i try my best !

Well, recently super tired, tried to do some shit today ... still have issues with color temperature, really need to observe better before putting any stroke ...

painting the view from my window ...
[Image: QqfKjV4.jpg]
working on light from mirror, need to improve my edges and values ...
[Image: p0EWsdx.jpg]
character meh .
[Image: craZ79v.jpg]
late night mindfart, don't know what i'm doing with this one ^^
[Image: OuM4OE8.jpg]

today's stuff ! i'm super tired after work and don't have much energy to draw but will do my best to have more energy !

Quick color study and character from imagination . I've done the color study from photo but didn't feel i learned much, i find painting from life more challenging, it's like photo is chewing you half of the job ^^ So from now on will study only from life ( maybe once in a while from photo for things i can't find in front of me lol )

[Image: OUVZR9F.jpg]
[Image: 2UnYe9w.jpg]

today's stuff, hand from life, skintone is super hard and so much challenging, i dig it !

[Image: H5zj4mQ.jpg]
[Image: GuVCUTZ.jpg]

So much juicy sexy stuff here <3 i need more!!!

NoodleinBox : Thanks ! will try to put more stuff for ya !!

today's stuff . need to gather more energy at the end of my shift so i can draw more ! Will find a way !!!

Stil trying to understand color temperature ...
[Image: vBVl2QK.jpg]

lazy character design
[Image: YVmbAvF.jpg]
trying to apply what i've learned last 2 days about colors .
[Image: PFMLatW.jpg]

You have really solid sketching skills, but your paintings are very muddy. There are some good points to your paintings, too, but it would be great if you could take your skills from drawing and put them into your painting - using crisper edges where things meet, and clearly defining your shadows while working over your sketches will give you a clearer read.

Keep up the good work!

Vicianus : thanks for the feedback ! yep i notice the muddiness when i play with curves and level adjustments, i see how it lacked contrast !

today's stuff : doodle from mind, still suck at colors, tried to go wild haha but failed ! and some values stuff, trying to work with the wholle rand a values creating interesting mood, failed too but meeeeh, got a beer in the fridge, feeling like a king ....

[Image: QyTW5k8.jpg]
[Image: UkwDYKg.jpg]

droping 2 color sketches i've done today, caught flu so i kinda get a buzzy head and hard to focus but anyway, doing the best i can ! aaah so much to learn to get better, i suck hard at painting ...

[Image: 1fll0Vt.jpg]
[Image: koMrm7y.jpg]

today's stuff, watched the mystery of form from michael bierek and wanted to apply what i learned on this selfportrait but failed to keep the contrast, and everything looks way too smooth, need to think more and paint less ... ! face from imagination, and today's character design !

[Image: 1t9O0pb.jpg]
[Image: OuFB3pX.jpg]
[Image: GGKpyZu.jpg]

i think maybe you can try preparing everything from the sketch and then paint, i also am trying to figure that one out myself, the think more paint less D:

bro you're line drawings are quite nice and you seem to just lose so much of that quality when you paint, i suppose because you're going for some edge quality and mushing around the drawing by painting over the lines and losing your initial proportions/layout.

My big advice to you is FUCK EDGES, for now at least. Try finding some artists who leave the lines in their work and copy that style. You can get a great finish with lines still in tact.

If you tried this for a while, you could maintain the nice proportions and shapes you get in your line drawings and still get a finish. Try with a flat color, add light, add a shadow, some reflected light, then leave the lines as much as reasonably possible. Then, as you get more comfortable adding tone you can slowly work edges back into your stuff. 

I made a quick example you could try; Took me like 5 minutes, just lasso tool and a multiply layer. 

That or you could really buckle down on some LONGER studies of master works, spending more than just an hour or so as you seem to do on your other studies. Zoom in and get the edges as precise as possible. Quanitity doesn't make you improve, quality, doing more of the right thing; sycra just put out a vid on it actually. Spend more time on your studies, it should hurt at least a little. You post a lot of things that seem like you are still in the first phase of painting, and i don't see how you'll progress past this if you never take it any further. 

So grab a hi res and zoom in and literally paint what you see, using every trick you can think of; THAT will teach you edges but only look into that after you get the quick flat tone thing down, because your lines are too nice to mush around in your current level of brush marks

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