Offering several Mentors
Hello guys!

We have started a Discord server in the hopes to get us more motivated to doing studies and getting feedback and suggestions, into which direction to take studies. I guess we all just want to do some serious studying and not be alone. We certainly have to improve a lot ourselves :)

We have a few Mentors who can always be pinged to ask for advice and feedback, as well as them reaching out to you checking your progres. Would anyone be interested in something like this?

Artfallen Discord Server for serious art improvement

Two of our mentors include: (we got a few more, some working in animation studios as background artist)

Candarrian, he is especially good at motivating and giving direction and is mainly with us to improve and enjoy working with others!

Work example:
[Image: shitfuck3.jpg]

Pina, a Visual Development Artist / Character Designer specialized in stylisation and Portfolio and marketing feedback.
[Image: asd.jpg]
I cant's seem to see the samples
Because it broken

Good practice is not to drag the image into the text box but in the dedicated image uploading box under the text box.

If that just to complicated and the image are hosted on the internet somewhere you can share the link to the image but you need to put that in the text box.

My Sketchbook

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