Keep muscle & lose fat, help please!
need some advice! so I’ve been going to the gym around 5x a week since January following a programme my friend recommended me to achieve my goals, basically 2 legs days 2 arm days and a HIIT workout So I’m struggling with my nutrition because I hear so many different things, I know it’s really about what works for you, some people track their macros and some don’t etc. I’m vegan, so getting enough protein can be an issue, I’ve heard people having 1g x per pound of body weight which seems pretty difficult to reach for me, i’d pretty much be forcing myself to eat and would also be pretty difficult to still keep the calories down, I’ve been eating just over half of that I’d say. This last week I’ve been eating at a calorie surplus because I felt I wasn’t eating enough to get the gains I wanted, but now i’ve gained like 4lb in the scales and I’m stressing about it being extra fat It sounds stupid, but I’m really keen to build a healthy relationship with food whilst still being able to enjoy food and achieve the goals I want :( I need some advice about cutting fat but maintaining muscle, i’m super happy with the progress I’ve made on my lower body and my arms have toned up a lot, but I’d love to see that AB definition so I need to get my body fat percentage down but don’t wanna lose the muscle I’ve built Any advice would be super appreciated!

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