Starting Over - Sketchbook 1.01
Howdy all, 

It's been over six years since I last posted here, and guess what? Yep, I gotten myself nowhere with artwork. I'd like a fresh start. From scratch. I'm still in full time employment and now have a 9 month old addition to the family, my time is scarce. However I am trying to put at least a few hours each evening into picking up drawing again. A little wind down, if you will.

I do want to improve, and I don't imagine I'll make a big time concept artist or anything. But, who knows, I may get to a point where I can make a little extra on the side.

I'm reserving Saturday evening for a beer and a review over what I've done during that week and to upload the progress here.

I'm looking forward to the journey with you all and I'm eager to see what everyone is up to in your sketchbook threads!


Let's start with an older sketch some point in the past, I can't remember.

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These are a few sketches done over the past few days. More experimentation with some Citadel Colours (It's the only acrylic I had, from my Warhammer models), line weight and photographic reference. I then brought an image into Photoshop for some play time/fooling around.

Kind Regards,

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Welcome back! The turtle skull is cute as a pokemon or something.
Some fine hatching shades in the first post - could be improved toward more consistency but already very good.

Leo Ki - The turtle skull does look like a pokemon. I thought the exact same thing when I had done it. Thanks for your comment.

So I went out and bought some supplies. Some leads for my mech pencil, a fat wad of copy paper. A new Moleskine (just because) the one on the left is the one i'm experimenting in, because it's a trash book. I've ripped pages out in frustration before. The other two are new. However the top has pages removed because I used them for lists. Bottom one is brand new. I don't know why you need to know this.

I've not had much chance to do a lot since Wednesday's upload. So I've only had a go at painting over my sketches in Photoshop. So, it's nothing new regarding sketches, ideas or anything interesting really. Just starting to get back into things and finding my feet. I really need to find a way of studying in an optimal manner for the time I have available for this.

Hopefully more substantial stuff this coming Saturday.

Kind Regards.

- D.

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Man, you skipped last Saturday's beer and post. We won't let you slack off ;)

Good shit man, I'm the same as you, stopped posting on here with progress and decided to come back and commit to it. Love those skulls. Keep em coming!

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