What Happened to like of conceptart.org and Drawcrowd?
I know CGHub went a long time ago, But I've just tried revisiting conceptart.org forums and drawcrowd (which was made by Feng Zhu) to download some of my old sketches, and they both seem defunct. Does anyone know what happened? These sites used to be insanely active. I know conceptart had some controversies going around. So, in retrospect, I am not really that surprised.

There were so many digital art outlets going that were all very active. What happened there? Do we really now only have Daggers and Art Station?

This place seems to be the most active forum wise, as I know many came from CA.org to begin with, as did I. Just seems weird that there were so many people active, and now there seems to be a slump.

I guess I am out of the loop now, as It's been a long time since I have been active with art also.
People generally outgrew forums. Especially when social media and discord took over, forums are pretty much ancient relics that does nothing but financially drain the guy who's keeping the server up.

Which kinda reminds me that I never to chipped in using the donate with Paypal thingy. Shame! Dennis is a sweetheart for not shaking us down.

If you are reading this, I most likely just gave you a crappy crit! What I'm basically trying to say is, don't give up!  
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@damien some discord communities intives, in case you (or anyone else here) would like to join some more or less active communities, I started art when CA was already dead so can't compare, but these are moderatly steadily active, all of them not big though.
  • CA.org https://discord.gg/usZajtM - for aspiring concept artists willing to turn pros
  • Hangout Hub No.1 (on evenings european tme, there's always a bunch of people) https://discord.gg/pabnrHW
  • BST (community by Tyler Edlin and Adam Duff) https://discord.gg/tuv5Afa  -apart from regular stuff,  active challenges with free judgement every month
  • Hard round https://discord.gg/tuv5Afa  - focused on construction, analytical approach to learning and practice. Smaller than any above, but comparable activity, former Daggers members
Also if you go to Twitch, pretty much every artist there has a Discord with mini-community of people willing to learn art, the amount of those is pretty insane, just as an example, former Daggers members' ones (I used to be there but not anymore, but those artists still stream so most likely active discords):
John Silva https://discord.gg/tuv5Afa , Susanne Helmigh https://discordapp.com/invite/0vZLoXX721pVC4am

Thank you for these links, neopatogen. Are the discussions on discord one long thread where one struggles digging back the previous step of a WIP from a week ago, or can they be split into multiple threads as on a forum?

Dennis, do you publish the forum's budget somewhere, so we know how much needs to be contributed for the year?

it's around $400 a year more or less, feel free to contribute if you'd like.

Thanks Dennis. Is this AU$ or US$? Asking this because the server is on an Australian time zone.
I can contribute about US$20 in December. It may be good if you put up a counter so people know they need to do something if they want the forum to live on. For instance "2020 covered 75%"



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