Looking for critique especially in the head
[Image: mIGXE4R.jpg]
You asked specifically for critique on the head so I'll focus on that. I think I have a picture with a face at practically the same angle you're going for, so have a look: https://www.millaj.com/pics/jh-suzukik3.jpg

I think the main issue is that the contour on the left side of her face (our left, that is) juts out too much. It wouldn't look like that unless her jaw is extremely wide and square. Try making it thinner.

I have no other specific comments. It looks like you are relatively new to drawing and painting, so there is very little that getting more critique can do for you. Actually, critique has limited powers in general, but it is particularly powerless when it comes to beginner work, because the beginner already knows that they have to work on everything. Just keep practicing.
maybe this helps?  I think is cool to play with painting here and there but, if you are a beginner I'd say drawing is 1000000% more important than anything else. Being able to draw something with good structure, like making it feel like its a 3d shape etc. getting angles right...

what I did is a super quick sketch of what im talking about it might be wrong but, loosely speaking.  There is a lot of skewed proportions and I think what will help you more than anything in the world at this point is drawing in 3d shapes a lot.  meaning, drawing a box instead of a detail torso/pelvis, make the head and actual spehere, draw through it, and then draw angles of where the eyes sit in perspective, make sure those lines are consistent with other features.

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(05-04-2020, 05:56 PM)I like the colour scheme and I see you put effort in the lighting. However the lips and chin are at wrong angles and the chin seems to be pushing forward. Erase in a straight line where the chin meets her hood. I assume you’re still working on the rest of the piece so maybe use perspective lines to guide where certain body parts rest. Cheers! Wrote: [Image: mIGXE4R.jpg]

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