Finlay's sketchbook (bugs warning)
Hello. I'm new to this website, not that new to drawing. Taking that into account, the result is pretty unimpressive. But what the hell, I'm here to learn.

Here's some insects and random form noodling from last week.

[Image: IMG_20200825_0001.jpg][Image: 1598091481895.jpg][Image: al.png]
[Image: 1598128398985.jpg]
Welcome, we're all in the same boat trying to learn.
Cool bugs! I'm not in a position to critique anything, looks accurate as far as I can tell.
[Image: IMG_20200826_222323.PNG]

Cheers SufferDriver, I think I'll focus on bugs for a few more days
[Image: wit.png]
[Image: stricks.png]
love your sketches! very cool aesthetic

more chairs here 

[Image: 118532084_344159530137053_60166695826112...e=5F775B10]
[Image: 118554006_2746034645685587_5776865691376...e=5F7838DC]
[Image: 1599086024049.png]
[Image: 1599170975230.png]
I really like your sketches and the aesthetics of them, but what exactly are you trying to learn? Are you just trying to gain mileage? A better way to grow as an artist would be to start with project based learning and try to finish some more complex illustrations or drawings where you focus on getting the perspective right or the sense of volume and light/shadow right.



That was my plan Zorrentos, but what you just suggested sounds much better. I just need the creativity to come up with a sort of project I could work on over time. Maybe it'll strike soon

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Nice lines, looks great and reminds me of old school etchings.


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Your last two pieces show some really nice lines that are so juicy and expressive. I’m jealous of how loose you can keep it but how tight it looks. Really Nice work!

Not the easiest style to read but i think going more deliberately would probably destroy the vibrancy of the style. If i was you i would experiment with more value like 3(white grey black) or atleast have a mix of hatching for the rounding where light transition and some black for the part in the shadow.

Here an example

My Sketchbook
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