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Those new painting are something else.They feel solid.But the guy in the foreground in this one he seem very small if he suppose to be of similar height as the rest?

My Sketchbook
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Hey , your studies and paintings are really good - clear shapes, values, silhouettes and flow are the most important things in my opinion and you do them well. So great job !:)

cgmythology, thanks, it wasn't a study but who cares anyway :D
hristovdraws, thanks
Darktiste, thanks, you're right I scaled him up a little
Here's another b/w compo I painted for training.

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Nice painting! I really like paintings with this kind of indirect lighting, it's a nice break from what's typical, and can show off big shapes of local color or value more. That being said though, I think you could ground the figures more by using your black value in those shapes of shadow where the light is blocked, especially since their clothing is about the same value as the background. I think that would help the composition.

I love the sketchy trees in the background, looks satisfying

JosephCow, thanks, i guess you're right, i did some tweaking with levels and reuploaded the image.

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Love the previous studies and especially those oil paintings are impressive
The most recent bw scenes are interesting, like old photos documenting travelers.

I also like the characters in the last piece a lot
I think it could help to perhaps push the lighting a bit to have more focus on them?
Or maybe just desaturating the forest a little would already do that

Not sure if this is any helpful at all
but here's an attempted overpaint

good stuff, keep it up :)

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