hiya~ ☆ ! i'm prinx!
im prinx! i honestly miss the vibes of forums as for a bit i mainly shared art in public group chats for a bit after just feeling shy in another forum that was imo a bit too heavy w random criticism outside of critique sections¿..i feel like i'm definitely out growing the group public chat style gosh but i'm glad there's still some art forums still around!

admittedly lurked around on and off for a bit til finally properly registering! i get shy haha but i honestly just dig the casual slower pace vibe i tend to feel on art forums!

i love drawing with traditional mediums and graphite! i consider myself a mixed media artist now theses days. i do enjoy digital but i hahe grown to make a point of myself to get comfortable w traditional first then do digital [like if i feel like im getting stagnant with my artwork in digital mediums!]

i have my own characters -- they're actually like muh buddies n i consider them my astral buddies cuz i do hear them and they hang around me all the time even when i'm not drawing [i am a diagnosed schizoaffective lol..i used to joke before my diagnosis: "omg i swear i'm a schizophrenic in disguise but people don't notice bc i'm an artist." then i finally looked at my diagnosis papers and was like "oH sHiET¿¡"

anywho lol that aside -- aside from my characters i love horror/macabre themes and drawing gore at times! art definately is my coping skill and escape whenever im stressed. kind of in a stressful position now and trying to pick up art again more habitually to get myself going. i don't care about the idea of making money w/my art honestly...i say this because i waaas in a stressful social ciricle in real life that would push me and police the content of my art [which was the horror and gore i drew to cope ugh].

i reallyyyy just wanna go back to having fun with art like even studies were fun to me but i lost the time when i was caught up in entanglements ahhh!

i just love doing art for fuuun -- i dooo!! i'm excited and happy to see a sketchbook section ahhh ~ !!

thankies for getting to know me !

i appreciate the community being here!

i look forward to meeting the rest of the community too ~ ☆ !
Your problem if i can resume it simply is you want to progress but your not open to ''bad critic'' you also want to enjoy it.So there somewhat a conflict between those two dynamic.I don't know if your being protective of your work or simply you know better than listening to unsolicitated unconstructive advice.But i Will have to see your reaction when you start posting stuff.Of course there a section for critic so feel free to post what you want to be critic on in there but don't necessarly ignore what people are saying in your sketchbook it might be valuable.Since i like to do thing my way welcome to the forum.

My Sketchbook
The journey of an artist truly begin when he can learn from everyone error.
Teamwork make your dream work.
Asking help is the key to growth.

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