I'm trying (not successfully) to make it look finish and to push it a bit more. I would like to know how you guys would make it look better. 

[Image: studies_542.jpg]
(11-09-2020, 10:10 AM)Neguinho Wrote: I'm trying (not successfully) to make it look finish and to push it a bit more. I would like to know how you guys would make it look better. 
Had a quick mess around with it. here's my thoughts..
values wise its very muted, nothing much pops forward and it has the feel of a controlled study.
its a very static image, the movement is very mild and tentative
the overlaps are very tentative and creating mild tangents here and there. the tower touching her elbow, the side of the tower and her dress for example.
the spacing and size of the visual elements is so evenly spaced and sized it gives the impression of stillness because of the uniformity.
her hair and clothes seem to be under the influence of different forces, is she flying up is she drifting down, its unclear.
we're looking up at the castle but shes straight on but also coming from above us? the perspective is confusing.
if shes approaching us in this way its as if shes leaning forward if it was to make sense with the view of the castle.
doesnt look like that was you're intention based on the lighting, which isn't bad but isnt wholey consistent.
might need to incorporate some more reference to get it a bit more on point.
theres nothing particularly intriguing story wise. shes just facing forwards, her face pretty plain expression that again, isnt done badly but doesnt say much about who she is or why she floating with some skills.
excuse the photo drop for the face but i shouldn't procrastinate from my client work too long
but just an idea maybe you could give her some more of an interesting look and a bit more of a sense that we're looking up at her.
next, could use another level of details to give the piece a bit more interest. theres nothing really warranting much of a look around. maybe a couple of costuming details or highlights, some trails for the skulls for some movement in the piece.

anyway, hope that helps, you've done a good job with the painting
have a good day

[Image: po_neguinho_by_andrew_gibbons_de8eweh-pr...DllPP8dDto]

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Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much! Your paintover looks amazing i will try incorporating your critiques in this piece.Thank you, thank you, thank you.
You're welcome  Thumbs_up

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