PAID: Looking for a mentor (animation)

I'm looking for someone to look at my animations and give me critique and feedback about them. 

I'm looking for someone who has experience in animation but who is experienced otherwise, especially in explaining perspective but has a good understanding of drawing and digital painting in general.

I'm not looking for anything online, just written feedback, pointers and criticism. 

I'm looking for someone who has high standards and will help me push my boundaries and improve.

Preferably, I'd like someone who's good at giving criticism and feedback and at explaining things by doing mockups and edits of my own art.

I'm offering 20$US an hour as I'm unemployed at the moment. 

I'm dedicated and want to learn.

Please write me a PM if you're interested and we can sort out how to do this. Please provide your portfolio and most importantly examples of your own animations.

Thank you for reading!

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