Hello, dear artists! I have heard about Crimson Daggers from the old Dave Rapoza’s stream. Been loorking here for a while and finally registered. This forum is like a dream place: a lot of people giving feedback and things are not so fast-paced as in art chats.

A trivia about myself. Till last half a year or a year I thought I want to be a character concept artist, but actually didn’t produce any character designs - paradox. I mostly drew fanarts with modest plot(flying heads, people just standing etc). I haven’t seen progress for a long time. In last year I was trying to improve, had mentorship in summer-autumn. Well, I think I hardly progressed, but mentorship confirmed some of my vague guesses about art process and showed that people are not the only fun thing to draw. C: 
Right now i want to see more planning and self-discipline in my study. And also to determine where to aim in gamedev. No to being a potato! Blushing
...also can somebody pls explain how to attach images? I tried "New Attachment" button, but the image didn't appear in the comment after posting. File weight was 398 KB
Welcome to Crimson Daggers RonyaSekira :)

I'm gad that you stopped lurking and joined this band of art-makers!

There are a few of our number that are into gamedev I believe and I'm sure they would love to chat gamedev art with you :).

Also, if you already had a browse through other people's sketchbook threads, you will see that this forum is like a gold-mine of information and resources as people post helpful comments in each other's sketchbooks.

Finally, I see that you have been having trouble posting images so I created a "How to attach images to your sketchbook thread" that you might find useful.

All the best to you :).

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CD Sketchbook

Yep, couldn't not notice those comments in scetchbooks and it's such a great thing artists push each other *_*
Thank you so much for the explanation thread, gotta go to post something

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