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I guess its only fare to post some of my more recent artwork to have some skin in the game. These 3 pieces I created this week to submit to Hubbard Illustrators of the Future competition. My goal was to create 3 fantasy images that could each tell a story on their own, all the while looking as if they could exist in the same world. 

These pieces are part of my journey to becoming better at coloring my art.

The Bootlegger was an image that’s been floating around in my head for a few years now and needed to come out.

Thanks for checking them out!

nice mix of subject matter and themes, yet firmly in the fantasy camp. good work
Cheers Whitebbwolf !

Well the Q1 results came in and I managed to be selected as a finalist, super stoked as I was hoping for at best an honorable mention. A motivating sign that I must be doing something right, to be judged by such esteemed judges, which is always a shot in the arm for the confidence. Gonna push now for the next quarter submission. Wish I knew which ones they thought were the strongest  so I could swap out the weaker one/s. Q2 submissions below were all fresh pieces, so who knows if we can improve from finalist.

Q2 submissions, with a CHOW making the cut this quarter, representing CD!

Well guys, I know the portfolio section is quite barren but I wanted to update this thread with my Q4’22 results of the L Ron Hubbard Illustrators of the rite award! I was selected as a winner with the pieces I submitted below and could be more pleased. The feeling of validation for all the hard work is immense. The next step is to illustrate a winning short story and go up against the other 11 winners on 2022 for the top prize golden pen. Will update with results…

That's awesome, dude, nice job! Hope you get that gold pen.

Is everyone in the competition illustrating the same story that will be provided to you? That sounds so fun.

Thanks Joseph! So the format is the 12  winning Illustrators get paired with one of the 12 winning writers, so its kind of luck of the draw in regards to what story you get. The only thing i know is it will be science fiction or fantasy genre and will be well written. Personally im hoping for a Fantasy piece but im gonna try my best what ever i get and hope i can pull something together and represent my fellow Daggers for that Golden Pen!

That sounds awesome! Hope you get a story that suits you. I wish I had applied that sounds really fun.

Think submissions are still open for Q1 2023, get your best 3 pieces submitted my dude!

Hey wait, isn't L Ron Hubbard that scientology guy?

Yeah, from my understanding about the contest he funded this contest from his estate to keep the search for emerging talent in sci-fi/fantasy genre. And this contest keeps that going. I have seen zero Scientology connection so far in the process as I was sensitive to that element also. So far I think it comes from his love of writing and all things sci-if and  not religion that drives this comp. Not to mention with this being one of the biggest international  sci-fi/fantasy  contests that don’t cost anything to enter it’s right up my street. But will see how the process plays out from here :) not like I need an excuse to illustrate some interesting fantasy art why not submit for chance to win a shiny trophy ha

Yeah that silver feather trophy is kinda cool. The fact that it miiight be a weird cult thing kind if makes me want it even more just for the lulz. But at the same time I'm kind of skeptical that it has no connection to the church, like I'm sure the connection is there somehow. I'm sure it's fine it's just a little odd. If you had to pay to enter there's no way I'd give them money.

Somehow I managed to miss this section of the forum. Belated congratulations, Chris!
Do you still participate in this contest?

Cheers dude! Actually once you win you can’t enter anymore, since you get published in the anthology you technically “pro out”. I just got back from the Hollywood for the week long workshops and award show. It was a total blast and learned so much from some absolute legends in the illustration. In case you wanted to check out my award presentation you can hit up YouTube and jump to 1:16:00 and see how it went 

Thanks. I watched random bits of the video. How solemn the event was!
So the writers and artists were not allowed to pick each other for the collaborations... I hope the organizers used their judgement to make the best matches though.

That's great news, congratulations! Looks like you had a blast in Hollywood, must have been great to meet so many artists. Keep up the great work!

Looks like i totally missed that update. Belated congratulations, dude! That is amazing


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