The Fortune teller a paint over for miimogenation
Quick paint over for miimogenation.

So i had 3 thing in mind to create a more fantastical story behind this piece.Basically her dead eye can see the fortune of the people she give her wisdom to.    

So first i added a epic glow on that eye choose a color that said i am  ordinary granny.

Then i look at the face and i said to myself well she need to look abit mysterious to so i obscured the other half of her face

Then i said ok good put let crack it a notch and i added a aura of magic mist to give more attention toward the upper portion by using contrast.(Darker half lighter half)

Just for my own experimentation i tried a few brush to give more texture to the skin to age her a bit further .

Original first vs Paint over second

If you want the post remove email me.

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