Sketchbook on your belt ?

These are some Concepts from (most probably very old) Warcraft-Stuff.
I find this idea how they are wearing a book on their belt very neat!

Has anyone of you ever heard or seen anything about some (realistic) way to wear your sketchbook on your belt, similar to how these characters are wearing their books??
I would like to have some way to wear my sketchbook like that!

You could consider creating a custom sketchbook holster using materials like leather or fabric. Design a pouch or pocket that can securely hold your sketchbook and attach it to a belt or strap. This way, you can easily access your sketchbook whenever inspiration strikes. Or instead of wearing your sketchbook on your belt, you could explore art bags or portfolios with adjustable shoulder straps. These bags typically have compartments for sketchbooks, art supplies, and other materials, allowing you to carry your sketchbook comfortably and conveniently on your back or across your shoulder.

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