Digital Illustration Critique
Theres nothing that immediately jumps out at me as an error, but for some reason I don't like looking at it. I have a guess that the green is too bold and saturated, and the purple in the left hand corner was not the right call.

Would like to confirm these thoughts, but also looking for any additional critique overall

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The main thing that jumped out at me is the lack of strong form and cast shadows on the character. If it is indeed direct light on the character and not just a shaft of light that is in front of the character but not actually hitting the character, then we nee to see very strong and hard-edged form and cast shadows on the character, because that's what direct lighting like in your scene does. While some of the light bouncing off the floor tile will fill in some of those shadows, we will still see the hard edge of those shadows, even when they have been filled in a bit by the bounced light. Same thing with all the plants in the scene.

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