Lunatique's Sketchbook
Here's a work-in-progress, maybe about 85% done. I was just painting the background in Rebelle 7 (closed beta testing) with the updated brush engine, and the improved expressiveness is nice. 

Oh you finally got the beta of version 7 :) So the rack "brush" got some more randomization? Also it can affect the impasto (maybe it already could in 6).

I'm still brewing my comments on your previous posts but being in a very different world right now makes it hard to be articulate.

The update brush engine has some improvements and I can get more expressive brushwork, but that final hurdle of dynamic bristles is not here yet, and I'll continue to hound them about it until they either finally do it, or tell me it's simply not possible (which I doubt, because if Adobe can do it, so can they). 

Take your time on that comment. We're in no hurry.

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