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Hello everyone, here are my studies on hand. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I would say focus a little more in capturing on proportion in the hand and keep the proper rotation of the reference don't make thing easier to draw.

For the hand look carefully at the shape of the big finger it very different from the rest of the finger so it important to make the hand look realistic.

As i said before try to help yourself by keeping your study close to the reference material once you have a solid grasp of your construction you can always try to work to interpret the reference.

To pick up on where muscle group are unearth the skin look at where there is change in the value by looking at the reference.

I would say also if your going to post many drawing add some kind of notation system like A B C D E on every page so it easier to give feedback otherwise feedback can be hard to interpret.It might be easier to work on big canva where you put all the drawing in one image with a good resolution.

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