Euro 2012
Anyone else been watching the Euro football(soccer) tournament? I'm English but live in france, looking forward to the England match tomorrow!! Spain vs ireland and italy vs croatia tonight.

Just wondering if anyone else has been watching and what you may think, possible winners? Germany are looking very good.

I do. I'm from Poland btw. I have no tickets for an actual match, but somehow managed to watch the practice of Netherlands in Wisla Krakow stadium. It was really great - fantastic atmosphere and it was the first time I was able to take part in the mexican wave.

As for possible winners - Spain or Germany most likely. Both play great football. Spain vs Ireland was a great match, hope to see more grateness from Spain soon.

That's awesome that you're actually there! Getting to watch the practice must have been really cool, did you get any signatures? Netherlands were my big disappointment of the tournament though, I really thought they'd do better, they still have a chance to go through though.

Spain were very dominant against ireland and played some great football, did you catch the england vs sweden match last night on tv? Oh and good luck to Poland tonight, hope they do well!

There was no chance to get a signature, there were 25 000 people watching :)
Unfortunately I didn't watch England Vs Sweden and I regret it deeply, because I've read it was the best match so far.

Poland has to win, it's a young inexperienced team, but with a great deal of talent. I hope it won't be a dissappointment again, lately polish team played well only in pre eliminaries and then something always broke in the main tournament.

Thanks for support anyway!

Oh wow that's loads. Yeah it was a good match, sorry you were dissappointed again with Poland losing last night, it was unfortunate for them, but your players would have gained invaluable tournament experience at least.

Well, another failure. Something just doesn't work in this team, it really lacks a playmaker.

Two of my most hated national teams in the finals... I don't know what to do with myself.
Why did Germany have to lose? Why did they play so shitty?! Gah!
First my top two picks (Sweden and Holland) don't get out of the qualifiers and now this.


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