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Full Version: Rubajz's sketchbook
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Hello guys, I am kinda new here so I think it will be good to start with this sketchbook. I have one older on so i will post here just few older pieces and then all new stuff simultaneously here and there :) I will be very thankful for anything you have to say about my work and for any direction where I should go :)
today's portrait
evening drawing class. I really should stop drawing at larger formats than A3, I'm not able to check my anatomy then -.-
these are epic, its clear than you did not just pick up the pen
thanks Glasya, but i have long way to go :)
it was supposed to be clothing study, but I am not sure if it should be done like this :/
today's imagination try.... yep, still awful; keep working :/
back from woods and ready to grind!
wip from today
portrait for today
today's study for upcoming piece
today's study from life
another try of my imagination, i maybe finish it some time
Good studies man, looks like you're really trying to understand what you're studying, good work. Do tons of imagination drawings on the side as well, just try to keep a balance of both.
@Dennis Kutsenko - thanks, I am battling with it :)

some coposition training from matt's tutorial, my try to use it in short "storyboard" and some studies (cup from life)
some of the gestures from today
perspective training with very fast colors and one work in progress. both purely from imagination
Good gestures up there Rubajz! Last background thumb comin out pretty sweet too. Keep it comin.
here is photo study from today... I think I understand skintones a little bit better after this :)
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