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Full Version: timtomwho's sketchbook
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Here is some old stuff from my blog,

Sorry for the ridiculous sizes. I need to start uploading more optimized images. =/

[Image: Concept_shot6_v15_tim.png]

[Image: speed%2Bpaint%2B2.jpg]

[Image: speedpaint01.jpg]

[Image: Speedpaint_03_v02_tim.jpg]

[Image: Speedpaint_04_v05_tim.jpg]

[Image: Speedpaint_05_v01_tim_Ride_the_Sky.jpg]

[Image: Elderly+woman_v02.jpg]

[Image: cloud_for_loraud_by_angerface-d3npjeo.jpg]

[Image: Haydee_v01.jpg]

[Image: Sketchs_01.jpg]

[Image: Sketch_02.jpg]

[Image: Sketch_03_Studies.jpg]

[Image: Mountain_rock_Study.jpg]
cool stuff man, I like the facepaint girl.
Thanks man!
Something I had a dream about and now trying to figure out composition to illustrate it.

[Image: Stubborn_For_Change.jpg]
[Image: Robot_Girl.jpg]
[Image: Face+Studies.jpg]
[Image: Helm+sketch.jpg]
[Image: sketch.jpg]

[Image: soft+brush+sketches.jpg]

[Image: is_Taeuhm_doomed.jpg]

[Image: tim_sketch.jpg]

[Image: Taeuhm_BroventureTime.jpg]

[Image: 7381728_orig.jpg]