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Full Version: Red Fox's Skecth Book !!!
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Hey Guys,
Here's a new update of something that im working on.
Feedback it's welcome!

[Image: claymore_4.jpg]

While i'm finishing the paintball girl...

[Image: bettyshooter03.jpg]
New update ( updated the first picture.) !!!
Cool characters! They've got a lot of personality due to the expressions and the poses. Just a thought on the first one: The light seems to be coming from two directions, which kills the contrast a bit (wounds..the contrast i guess xD) maybe darken some parts or change up the light a bit? Like a direct light and a rim light on the side that's darker. Just my thoughts, I'm in no way an expert on the subject.
Thanks, you' re right.
Right now the lights from both sides are almost of the same intensity.I'll work on that.
I think we are done with this, maybe a stronger key light could do it.

[Image: claymore_5.jpg]
Cool character design red-fox! Waitin to see how the paintball girl turns out.
Hey Guys!

Heres some designs works.
Any feedback its always welcome, im trying to improve my rendering but without loosing the general vibe, Im no aiming for realism, but a more powerfull volumetric image. :)

Happy holidays for all JOJOJO! Party

[Image: Marshal+01.jpg]

[Image: ShootinG.jpg]

[Image: Outlaw2.jpg]