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Full Version: Vawklin's Sketchbook
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Hey guys and gals!

I'll try my best uploading and updating as much as I can...that in itself will be a challenge for me since Im a lazy ass.


eye and skeleton studies!

[Image: robin.png]

[Image: skeleton.png]

I've got more studies on my blog and DA lazy to upload my old shit X_x
Nice skeleton studies man, don't be lazy! Grind for the dawn, backbone and brawn!
Now bring on some personal work! ;D
Good anatomy studies.
updates! more to come!

neked figures with skull faces

[Image: races.png]

dress up

[Image: character_era.png]
so far so good. just keep 'em coming ;)
Trying a new approach for rendering.

[Image: dog_gfx_lowres.png]
Hey! Nice start to your sketchbook, looking forward to seeing your studies developing :)
Welcome to the forums Vawklin, really nice work so far.
Hey, this is really nice start. It will be a pleasure to see your future updates ;)
Hey thanks everyone for the positive energy!

Here's some Hogarth studies and a drawing of a deer I rendered! More to come!

[Image: hogarth.png]

[Image: hogarth2.png]

[Image: deer_gfxlowres.png]
Hey guys! wanted to share some new'ish sketches...some are a few months old the...the ones drawn on the sketch book are a few weeks old.

been busy with work...dealing with crazy deadlines and whatnot.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

[Image: cuxy.png][Image: dknr.png][Image: 8qte.png][Image: gdb1.jpg][Image: hsly.jpg]
i wish i can draw like u
Hey, awesome linework here, and clearly a vast anatomy knowledge behind! Thumbs up! Can't wait to see more of your weird creatures! :)